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Year off the wedding dress here to see
Years close, single dog to be forced to be blind and reminder marriage preparation, life events parents never slipped. Another wave of the arrival of the wedding season, the red bombs received a lot. It's time to set white dress out with a blessing, by the way, take a look at those eye-catching bridal gowns, and get a sense of joy.

white dress Although the bride on the wedding day must be the most eye-catching girl, but not slack off the choice. Short coat to increase the choice of long skirt, you can cover a lot of awkward problems. The most important is the delicate embroidery delicate shirt, quite calm emboldened, people see the forgotten customs.

The traditional encounter the popular, Chinese encounter the world, the choice of wedding dress enough to make people pick the eye. Chinese retro collar collar deduction, the Western court of lace gauze, waist, graceful and feminine, and perhaps this is the gesture of a happy woman.

Some petite dresses people are not cold on the Chinese dress, so simply make the delicate lace complete a dream, just white wedding matched. Slightly burgundy feeling less than purely Chinese red a little more solemn feeling, but it shows a very trend.

To dream in the end, is one of the largest net yarn function. The different materials allow the degree of elegant gauze is also different, just not far from the popular feeling. Trumpet sleeves plus halter design, so that the wedding dress is also a bit more stylish taste, more wedding memorable.

The emergence of improved cheongsam also meets the requirements of the combination of Chinese and Western. Maintain the beauty of the Chinese cheongsam curve, adding a delicate grace of the Western lace. High-split design has a bustling sense of Shanghai, and authentic colors to ensure the grand ceremony of the wedding.

In addition to having a good winter wedding dress outside the most important thing is to have a nice coat ah. Although now the dress has a thickening and velvet processing, but how about the warm wool coat does not bring ah. Double-sided cashmere atmosphere will add a lot of your wedding color.