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Yan pressure Qunfang fine aesthetic dress skirt, so that you are full of confidence to become the focus of everyone
Simple and not simple, put on there will be a kind of like a wizard-like feeling, gestures are driving the elegant atmosphere, simple shoulders, waist bow, retro strap, Slim thin lengthen your legs Department of lines, the back of a little bit of mind to let you in the innocence of the more so lost the taste of a ripe!

Party to wear a small black dress, who let him extremely wild and not easy to mistake it! Simple and smooth lines, low-key and elegant, the hands of a small bright backpack, it is not a black look too serious Oh!

Red is always the first time to win the eyes of others, simple and simple is not simple and beautiful design of the shoulder so that your temperament greatly improved, the sweet moment to release; three-dimensional waist design show a good friend of the female friends, Tightly grasp the eyes of everyone! Ups and downs of the lotus leaf design, breaking the ordinary dress monotonous design, so you are not the same at all!

The upper body of the design shows the designer's unique intentions, just right cut, coupled with exquisite hand embroidery decoration, the effect is quite beautiful, temperament ladies and noble, elegant lace does not seem monotonous, dress on the European style yarn embroidery, Full of European gorgeous Oh!

white dress Lace plus black dress, but women's nirvana it! Elegant Slim dress with S-type waist Slim design, before the short after the long skirt, soft and beautiful, reflecting the elegant temperament of women; fashion yarn round neck design, highlight the charming clavicle, create charming temperament!

When the fabric and fold meet, that is, to create a sense of artistic appearance of the aesthetic appearance of this dress is such a romantic interpretation of Oh! And later also used a romantic small tail design, elongated the body of the curve while retaining the dress itself with a sense of luxury, so that you look at the whole year more sacred Oh!

Elegant little dress how to less the design of the lace cautious, the design of the word slightly exposed clavicle, elegant revealed in the small sweet; delicate and elegant bow, shaping the dignified Princess temperament; back hand adjustable Belt, patchwork, convenient at the same time also a little more fashion sense it!

Flowers through pink wedding dress smoke blue, literary style children's style, has a sense of presence away from the hubbub. Sleeves at the Department of hazy embroidery also highlights the details of the intention to build. V collar to face and neck are slender, add temperament, waist style to create to meet the body of the graceful shackles, deep water-like blue wash out full of impetuous, such as the wind-like skin and clear, elegant color piercing An atmosphere

Deep blurred black temptation, simple and delicate pure color interesting, smooth soft yarn natural drape elegant dress, V collar showing the charming skin, feminine charm charm, simple and plus size dresses modern, charm can not stop the block It!

Big red is a festive color, of course, gray is often suitable for access to a variety of parties! Dressed in red dress, no extra decoration, flew will be able to become the most eye-catching that one! Lushi sleeveless design, Sven ladies temperament with a sweet, retro ladies and added a bit lively it!

See these beautiful and elegant dress skirt, I have hearted. Party only once a year, when I am going to be stunning, we must Yan pressure group.