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Who says the wedding dress would have to look good? I look at these parity wedding.
Sweet lace Qi to the bride wedding

Sexy lace collar design, showing feminine soft clavicle, filling charming temperament; romantic and tail skirt, multi-layer aesthetic net yarn design, filling the hazy beauty, delicate lace purple wedding dress embroidery, very texture. Exquisite flowers embroidery, embellishment of the body more beautiful, fairy wind around, temperament pressing; high-quality fabrics, wearing a more soft prom dresses and comfortable.

prom dresses High-end was thin runner tail wedding dress

Slim thin waist design, showing graceful figure curve, more beautiful and beautiful, exquisite aesthetic style, filling the elegant temperament. Simple and elegant version of the body, the overall fit figure curve, was thin and tall; simple atmosphere smooth tenderness skirt type, more exquisite beauty, delicate lace pattern, 锟斤拷锟斤拷 noble and elegant.

The new Korean word shoulder drag wedding

Exquisite lace decals, to give you a unique fashion in the elegant charm, exquisite handmade craftsmanship, pure hand-made decorative waist, was thin Slim, so that the casual dresses dress more beautiful atmosphere. Lace design sense of wearing a personalized eye-catching elegance type, Slim was thin effect is obvious, three-dimensional sense of strong, elegant, such as angel-like beautiful charm.

High-end luxury bra belly wedding

Multi-layer beautiful light skirt tail, light posture, against the bride is more tender and charming; bold halter, sexy waist, soft embroidery, tail in the tail of the tail, outline the bride's sexy curve.

The back is a strap style design, with the size of the size of the free adjustment of elastic, beautiful and generous and practical, romantic and skirt, beautiful lace drag skirt more beautiful.

The new word shoulder waist high waist wedding

3D stereoscopic cut, version type fit, the overall Fudie three-dimensional, modified stature, was significantly thin, simple atmosphere. Stylish and elegant design, showing a charming soft temperament. Exquisite lace, revealing the mysterious little sexy, showing fresh and refined elegance, fluffy net yarn skirt, to create the palace level wedding dress.