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What day to wear wedding dress wedding dress appropriate
Married bride who want to choose wedding dress, then in the short wedding dress election wedding dress, what color look good? The following came and Xi'an goldsmith grid wedding photography studio look at these wedding dress color introduction.

Light blue

Ning Xin, elegant light blue, contrast the bride's reserved and noble, is a romantic and inner world rich bride's best wedding color.


Brown wedding dress is more subtle color, it is solemn and elegant, simple and natural.


wedding dress Blue wedding on behalf of the deep, elegant feeling, low-key and without losing luxury.


Red wedding dress generally should not be too many people, but the red dress we must not be missing.


This is definitely to choose, white yarn, the dream of each girl, and more like to wear a white yarn to marry him ah. White should be part of the cold color it, long section of the white yarn people feel like formal dresses an elegant and elegant angel, short section of the white yarn people feel lovely.


Purple is the distinguished representative, purple is the mysterious color, slightly melancholy color. So many people choose the dress will choose when the purple, but purple generally need to have the temperament of people can wear clothing feeling.


Pink wedding on behalf of the meaning is lovely, youth, delicate, which is more popular with a new color.


Green wedding symbolizes a positive, active, full of vitality, giving a comfortable, evening dresses comfortable feeling.


Yellow means the meaning of youthful, beautiful set off the bride's skin more delicate, full of youthful temperament.