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Wedding short length, free a little more! Choose the style so that you still like the United States scared to heaven
For the pursuit of independence, equality and freedom of modern women, through dressing to sing personality is a way, and wedding dress selection is a free expression of freedom. More and more women choose short paragraph wedding, light and flexible and dignified, as if to wear it can be as free as the wind. Although the short paragraph wedding is nothing new, but it gave birth to women have the right to choose more.

bridesmaid dresses Drag the long paragraph of the wedding is certainly the United States for the astonishment of heaven, but the little girls dressed up but slightly difficult, skirt too long is easy to drown the whole person. It is better to try a short paragraph of the wedding, give yourself a little more freedom, the same can also calm the United States.

Many brands this year's spring and summer series have launched a short wedding style, very suitable for this season's wedding. Sometimes elegant, sometimes sexy, sometimes uninhibited, interpretation of thousands of style. Of course, after all, not everyone has a star, supermodel like a good body, even if the less difficult short paragraph wedding also test with the ability to match. As long as the pick for their own body style, still in the wedding of the United States glow!

Pear type body

Pear type body is a common female body, this body is usually wide pelvis, thighs and hips more full. So in the choice of wedding, as far as possible to maintain the length of the knee. Such as the former short after a long knee knight wedding was very popular, both long paragraph dress amazing, yet design sense. Very wide hem can be a good cover of the buttocks and thighs, only exposed the shoulder and slender ankle, very thin! More recommended satin style, not only senior, glossy fabric with the same profile can be more distracting in the visual, so as to achieve significant effect. Choose this style of wedding, with the wedding shoes as much as possible to choose the exposed feet more style, such as high-heeled sandals or ordinary pointed high heels. Both can stretch his legs, but also more light.

Straight body

H-type body is what we call the straight body, the overall proportion of symmetry, but the crotch narrow, resulting in no curve body. This body is actually very suitable for short paragraph wedding, because the legs slim, skirt length of the choice of more unrestricted. But in the style of the proposed choice of income, you can better create the curve. Material can choose complex mosaic or lace superimposed style, which in the visual sense of creating a sense of volume. This upper and lower layers of the style is very suitable for the straight body, the lower part of the pants skirt and thin upper body to form a contrast, sketched out the slim curve, waist is more slender waist. If it is simple Bra style, you can choose the hourglass profile, which highlights the figure. In the blue wedding dress accessories can choose a little exaggerated eye-catching some of the jewelry, so that wedding modeling will not seem too mediocre.

Inverted triangular body

On the width of the narrow inverted triangle body is usually wide or fat concentrated in the upper body caused by the visual effects, so the choice of wedding, try not to choose round neck or high collar models of long-sleeved wedding dress. The square collar is a good choice, and the harness can visually block the width of the shoulder. Fish tail hem can also highlight the body curve, dignified and elegant, and lace wedding dress some sexy. Shoulder band width some of the effect will be better, ordinary wide shoulder strap may be slightly stiff, you can choose this lace flower shoulder strap, full of Xianqi. You can also choose this kind of shoulder is similar to the style of the cloak decoration, retro and some playful, if the arm some fat can also be a good cover. Shoes can choose thick with the lace high-heeled sandals, elongated proportion of the same time there are retro girl feeling. Try to choose A-shaped hem or umbrella skirt hem to increase the size of the lower body, so that the proportion of the shoulder can be so that the body looks more symmetrical.