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Wedding bride tell you how to take pictures
As a major event in life, when shooting wedding, the bride always want to be the most beautiful. And which, weight and body is not perfect, always let the bride is very upset. Meat bride is not a minority, so how to make imperfect into perfect, has been Beijing beach wedding dress wedding photography agencies have been concerned about. Rough bride how to perfect?

People rely on clothing horse saddle, so in order to cover their own congenital lack of clothes choice is very critical. Thick bride's bride is always worried about shooting the effect is not good, in fact, do not care too much, these deficiencies can be made up, Xiao Bian proposal to choose those who do not strapless, with sleeves wedding, another word shoulder That kind of style is also possible, but need to pay attention to the sleeves must be loose, do not Le arm, or else will only be more exposed to the original lack of, followed by sleeves not too long, the general to the elbow on it.

Wedding fabrics, it is recommended to choose satin wedding, this wedding surface is smooth, put on the bride after the elegant, beam effect is good, with a large tail, completely cover the bride's shortcomings on the body, so that the bride rest assured Shoot the perfect wedding.

plus size dresses Shooting time can try some of the angle from the bottom up to shoot, this angle shot out of the overall effect of the legs, arms as far as the effect, it will look very slim, let the designer later modified The overall color effect, the perfect body of the beauty of the girls is not a dream. Shooting time and Beijing wedding photography photographers and more communication, a lot of use of some of the small techniques of shooting, thick arm of the same girl can shoot out the perfect wedding photos.

The choice of wedding is important, reasonable with a veil is also essential. Xiao lace wedding dress Bian recommended the general arm of the bride to wear a thicker waist can be a long waist, so that both can cover the thick arm, but also make the face look thinner, can be described as two birds with one stone If you choose a dress can put on a simple shawl, this effect is also good.

People are not perfect, people must have shortcomings, but more of the advantages of the brand is committed to wiping the shortcomings for you, in the crystal of love, show perfect advantages.