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Wearing a cheongsam dress more attractive than the wedding and oriental beauty
Cheongsam Chinese dress

You think it is only in the Slim can modify the body to remodel the proportion of body, but it is not only the highlights of the Oh, embroidery craft to produce the Chinese elements of the pattern, full of texture, romantic index soared, with wedding shoes, become the most beautiful scene The woman.

Elegant woman, is the taste of this! Summer goddess, to create a perfect Fan. Unique thin type, suddenly more slender waist. At the wedding ceremony, it will make you the most shining focus!

Fish tail toast dress

pink wedding dress Very beautiful and generous and exquisite a cheongsam dress ~ fishtail skirt sexy design, to show the charm of the goddess temperament, Slim version, revealing the small sexy girls.

This skirt specially made a long version of the type, can be a good modification of the body lines, revealing the perfect S curve, retain the classic cheongsam collar, in the beautiful Chinese culture dedicated cheap wedding dress to their own happiness.

Cheongsam wedding dress

The word "button" will be short wedding dress reminiscent of the classical, in fact, there is a great role is to modify the neck curve, looks more charming, A-shaped skirt in the important holiday is very thin Oh.

Full of romantic lace petite dresses design, modified body lines, fashion hem design, waist was thin, elegant and generous, soft fabric, wearing a comfortable atmosphere!

Wedding dress dress

Red lace design, show the Chinese-style sexy charm, with Slim version of the type of marriage that you have a fairy temperament! Showing tender and beautiful bride.

Five-point sleeve simple atmosphere of the dress, the overall noble visual sense, so that version is more full of natural, rich three-dimensional, soft and comfortable fabric, it is skin-natural, marriage essential single product.