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Want to do the most beautiful bride, first learn how to pick the wedding to say it!
When a beautiful bride is undoubtedly the dream of all the girls, and want to admire the wedding at the crowd, dazzling, the premise is to have a perfect wedding. However, how to choose the wedding in order to make the bride look elegant, temperament, and not the vulgar feeling?

1. wedding must be fit

This is the most important thing. Although it is very popular, but this does not apply to the wedding, the dress must pick the wedding style, too small or too big will make the whole person looks very wrong. Chest full of girls to pay special attention to the exposed career line at the same time, do not let the chest look out quickly or out of the dress.

2. cloth not too little

As long as the election of a key dew like, while strapless, exposed chest, halter and exposed legs, will make you look like to go to Halloween party, rather than a formal wedding. Chest full of people to reveal the proud career line, the United States back to wear people on the back of the wedding, waist and hip curve beautiful people can wear a personal fish tail style wedding.

3. Do not choose too white color

Most of the bride's dress is white, but the white has a lot of points, too white white in fact very short wedding dress beautiful people to wear, because with the color difference is too much, it is easy to look enough temperament. It is recommended that you choose a wedding color can choose a bit biased teeth white color, it is more moderate, with the Asian skin color comparison ride

4. Do not choose too bright wedding material

Some satin material really bright to reflect, in the light of the bride will be like a light bulb, the texture of the wedding will be as good as expected. In addition, satin will make people look more mature, lovely bride wear easy to look heavy, you can choose the yarn quality of the wedding.

5. Do not have too much lace

Lace is also a look at people to wear the design, the whole are lace dress super difficult to control, a careless will become a curtain, so the scope bridesmaid dresses of the proposed lace not too much. In recent years, particularly popular back of the ingenuity of the design, lace lovers can choose behind the skin lace style, looming feeling more sexy.

6. Do not have too much decoration

Yarn, lace, flowers, bow, rhinestones, can bring out a different feeling, but put them on the same dress, will only become a super disaster. Pick the wedding time to avoid too complicated design, because the dress is just set off your accessories, put on too eye-catching wedding, we will only pay attention to clothes and ignore the bride ... ...

7. Do not have too many yarns

Only let everyone can not close to you, the groom has to hand straight to have the means to hand with you. Now there are a lot of Disney to the concept of the wedding, combined with modern style and fairy tale fantasy elements, very romantic but not too exaggerated.

cheap wedding dress 8. Do not wear too much jewelry

And wedding style similar to the jewelry, make the overall design finishing touch, but too much or too gorgeous jewelry, only superfluous. Choose with the wedding dress hanging earrings and necklaces, the overall sense of a very harmonious, simple and beautiful.