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To attend a formal occasion you still lack a tall dress
Slim and slender evening dress

We all know to participate in important occasions such as banquets are dressed very atmospheric, in order to reflect the good mental outlook. This is the evening dress color is blue and black, low-key luxury; style is handmade beads package sleeve, Smart elegant; material is the yarn, gentle and gentle; back strap design, waist was thin It is a qualified evening dress.

Long tail temperament elegant evening dress

This dress can make you in the party, reception, long sleeve wedding dress annual meeting or banquet shiny, become the focus of attention. Because of its starry pattern, shiny colors and chest "careful machine" make it a rare evening dress.

A red shoulder bride toasting prom dresses a wedding dress

formal dresses This dress is also a word shoulder design, you can slightly exposed clavicle, while the material of the yarn revealed a small sexy, highlight the body curve at the same time even more fantasy beauty, Xian Qi full. Very suitable for wedding toast or engagement feast.

Long lace host banquet dress

This long dress high waist design Slim was thin, filling the elegant style. The upper part is the lace, the interpretation of the romantic women, the second half is silky smooth material, interpretation of the elegant feeling. This dress to host the program to wear the most appropriate.

Short sleeves dress bridesmaid dress

This dress pale pink, look sweet but not greasy; short paragraph style, looks light and lively. Coupled with the material and hand-woven lace yarn yarn, giving a beautiful ethereal beauty of a sense of vision. Applies to the wedding when the bridesmaid service, will become another unique landscape.

Long section of the shoulder squeaky evening bridesmaid dresses dress

This evening dress is really luxurious representatives, in addition to sequins elements but also more fish tail skirt, it is a good way to modify the beauty of the curve. The whole skirt noble wear it like a mermaid dazzling.