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This is the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen, as if in Wonderland
As a kid, every girl had a dream, put on the most beautiful wedding dress in the world and married the most handsome man in the world. Now grow up, maybe he is not the most handsome man in the world, but in your heart must be the most handsome. So, you are willing to wear the most beautiful wedding dress, toward him?

Pink tender tender princess dream, still drooping static, line is elegant, gauze diffuse, romantic fairy, let you moment graceful moving. Like an angel walking in the world, beautiful and moving, exquisite three-dimensional lace embroidery seems to fall on the flower of the roses, tender and beautiful, irregular wave skirt, like a rose petals in full prom dresses bloom, romantic fairy, retro colors, Like a fairy rendering, filling the bride elegant elegance.

The use of ancient Roman period favorite word word shoulder design, to show the sweet clavicle and charming Xiang Shui, the sweet and sexy moment release, three-dimensional waist cut, Slim waist, imported mesh fabric, still drooping , The line is elegant, light gauze filled, romantic cents Yat, let you instantly drop graceful and moving. Upper handmade lace diamond will make you become dazzling and charming.

Temperament a word shoulder design, highlighting the sexy clavicle curves and charming Xiang Shoulder, exquisite delicate lace pattern embellishment sequins beading even more elegant and moving, the palace-style manual strap design, the degree of freedom to adjust the tightness, waist plastic, a good figure In the grip, elegant and romantic fairy temperament of the white gauze skirt, three-dimensional multi-layer lotus leaf skirt full and three-dimensional, personal silk satin, comfortable to wear.

Used to see a long wedding, it is better to try this playful short paragraph wedding dress, before the short and long after the wedding dress design, thin gauze under the skin like Lulu exposed, exposing the big legs to lengthen the body proportion, the back of the big bow Design, fairy cute, like pure and lovely fairy, princess skirt, light gauze layer upon layer, round your princess dream, girls heart burst studio, people at first sight.

Shoulder white collar clavicle, bright diamonds and luxury lace, superb craftsmanship impeccable. Always fantastic luxury style, pure Ching Yan, exudes elegant gorgeous princess temperament, with cents to the burst of the European root Punta skirt, you are the fairy tale of the beautiful princess.

red dress Holy angels, noble, Europeanized Western version, the car with lace sleeves, modified wide shoulders and cocktail dresses arm fat, thin people were fat chest. Fluffy three-dimensional self-confidence charming, luxurious pettiskirt can not let go fish fluffy.