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This is several foreign style bridesmaid dress, the back is beautiful
Bridesmaids blue long bridesmaids

In classic pop versions, we've incorporated a combination of lacy gauze, stylish planner and lacy lace markings to make all the romance and fluffy skirts more flexible and cute.

Missy's clothes

The machine uses cutting technology, with a waist design, lace waist, highlight the elegance and elegance. Lace near, more personalized clothing, handsome in appearance, so you turn around is still full of charm.

purple wedding dress Sexy halter with delicate lace at the chest, crisp performance and elegant style, lace and shoulders, let's see our own label, sweet and charming, with an exceptional pink wedding dress feeling of quality, which is a great experience for planning .

Bridesmaid dress

Beautiful design opened a new chapter in bridesmaids. In the classic version of the "gray" of popular novels, there are tulle lace, full of modern flavor. Delicate delicate lace pattern, beautiful and beautiful, is the most beautiful bridesmaid.

South Korea's design is more stylish, higher quality. Round neck design to meet people's needs, but also to make the effect more sophisticated. Soft, skin-friendly fabric is flower girl dresses very comfortable.

Beijing sleeveless uniform

Long skirts of good temperament, skirts more beautiful. Imported fabrics, simple design, innovative design, without the need to deliberately emphasize the sense of curve, but visually shows the beauty of fiber.