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These Chinese wedding dress is more beautiful, when the plus size dresses most beautiful bride
Show woo suits Chinese bride dress

Chinese dress has Xiu Wo service, dragon and phoenix gown and cheongsam three. No matter what kind of wear, can be the bride who showed the East and the United States most vividly. Chinese dress is generally red-based, yellow for the hook line, outline auspicious patterns.

If the wedding for a woman is her identity change witness, then the wedding is to connect the bride's past and future ties between. From the mother out of the moment and into the husband's moment, is the same person, but not the same person.

Show off the bride dress

Cheongsam relatively easy to identify, but many people to Longfeng gown and show Wo clothes mixed. Long Feng jacket cut more three-dimensional, waist, fit the female curve, more pick the body. If you want to choose Longfeng jacket, it must be customized in advance. This Chinese dress should belong to the dragon and phoenix coat.

Spring and summer Chinese dress

Xiu Wo casual dresses service is actually evolved from the end of the Qing Dynasty women's clothing. Xiu Wo suits for the collar or round neck, lapel or oblique jacket jacket, the following horse skirt. Show Wo overall design is more relaxed, not to the dragon and the dragon jacket to pick the body. It is this relaxed feeling, just right to contrast the bride's gentle and virtuous.

High-end embroidery show Wo service, only in a very solemn occasion to hold up the clothes, thick retro charm highlights the charm of traditional Chinese culture, high-grade atmosphere, exquisite embroidery also appears elegant and generous, noble extraordinary it. Let you be the most dazzling bride on your wedding day.

Tight sets of Purple clothes, this set is very flying body is elegant, dignified and generous, with a variety of golden dazzling accessories look more beautiful, as a toast is also very Fan children. Very elegant set of dragon and phoenix coat.

white dress High-density embroidery, so that the whole show Xi clothes look very luxurious, coat hem is the moire design, not only good-looking, and full of meaning, very retro beauty.

Xiu Wo women in Chinese dress

We are the most beautiful Chinese clothes, delicate and delicate high-end embroidery process, even more noble and elegant, graceful Chinese retro style to play most vividly, brocade fabrics and patterns, reflecting the overall elegance, beautiful incomparable. This is still loose type, pregnant women can be a good control Ha!

Imported satin fabric, texture is very good. Loose cuffs are very dignified. Embroidery is embroidered with color line, the color is very bright, delicate design of the buckle, classical beauty, Chinese style