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There is a way to make you wear a dream wedding get married!
In the wedding, the wedding as the most important dress, each bride will carefully choose a wedding for their own, showing the best of their own. The end of the wedding season, and those who want to marry the happy bride, have not pick their own wedding it?

Long tail wedding is every woman from the girlhood began the princess dream, but also in recent years, popular style. From the cutting aspect to a rich sense of hierarchy, the skirt body folded into a bloom in the shape of flowers, constitute a rich three-dimensional, so that the bride to show the most charming charming female beauty, to strengthen the gorgeous feeling, elegant bride Elegant and refined side.

Loose lace pants skirt, decent tailor to make the curve even more slim, skirt on the pure white buds, new bridesmaid cheeks on the pink smile, golden autumn so come, like the return to idyllic, sky blue, always have a order People incomparable peace, can not help but go to the trend.

Delicate carved lace in the chest, the ribbon dancing very delicate lace to close the bride's curve more moving, the white gauze will be more brute and beautiful contrast!

Word shoulder lovers wedding dress

Beautiful design, elegant and charming, slightly exposed clavicle, revealing long sleeve wedding dress a graduation dresses small sexy at the same time show a different sense of elegance; mortal waist cut design, exquisite arc package edge, showing the bride slim. Wedding back with a unique halter design, hazy sexy halter, looming, showing sexy beauty of the hazy; long tail, three-dimensional fine lace flowers, filling the bride noble and elegant temperament.

The new bride is the same as the wedding dress

lace wedding dress The use of the European Renaissance ladies ladies favorite word shoulder skirt, shoulder laurel with a word shoulder design, revealing charming incense collar clavicle, then laurel spread on the wedding spread.

Fashion princess puff skirt dress

Delicate three-dimensional lace embroidery as if falling on the flower of the roses, tender and beautiful, irregular wave skirt, like a blooming rose petals, romantic Xianyi, retro color, rendering like a fairy. The use of the ancient Roman period ladies favorite V word shoulder design, exquisite fashion, dignified and elegant and easy to avoid the general easy to slide and arm lift and other embarrassing accident. Imports of the net yarn fabric, static is drape, the line is floating