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The wedding season is coming, wedding dresses are prepared, bra models, one shoulder, long tail yarn
2017 new thin wedding dress

flower girl dresses 2017 new thin shoulder lace long-sleeved Qi wedding dress, large size long trailing custom slimming slim lace word shoulder wedding, white wedding dress is a Western wedding, and now many people are also like to wear a white wedding dress, the price Beautiful, worth starting

The new pregnant women trail large size wedding dresses, showing white collarbone collarbone, glittering pearls, pearls and luxurious laces, double thin waists bowing and escaping, Yu Ting Yuli slender waist.

Bride wedding wedding dress

2017 new summer tube top small tail wedding dress, strengthen the thin line of the waist effect, cleverly received a small waist waist grip, concave and convex lines instantly appear. Increased three-dimensional and reveals an exquisite taste, fine tailoring, better highlight the light luxury temperament

The fishtail is slim and luxurious. The imported soft lace reflects the dignified and quiet temperament. Elegant and unique connotation! Great trailing unique beauty ~

2017 new style wedding dress

2017 new spring bride trailing princess sweet long-sleeved wedding dress, elegant enough petite dresses to light the entire street, walking between the skirt with the footsteps shaking, the women's romantic and elegant presented in the visual, this ladies net embroidered princess Long skirts let passers-by turn back for you.

Large yards pregnant women stand straight wedding dress, pure white silk no trace. Embellished lace lace, elegant chiffon sand skirt, delicate skin and women with a perfect marriage sand, faintly charming body. Marriage sand, like the petal lilies, indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving.

Spring new collar long-sleeved wedding dress

2017 spring new style collar retro princess Qi wedding dress, the bride's long tail wedding dress, can be modified on the arm of the small clam meat, elegant back design, delicate flowers, and the banding together constitute a stunning back, meticulous neat edge wrapping process , Put it on, make people eyes bright, never forget!

Chinese retro collar collar design, Ming Dynasty charm full! With a unique lace pattern, it is like a jade Zen. Its unique design hides the casual dresses oriental classical charm of the women, exquisite shoulder bag, elegant elegance.