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The United States turned the wedding, wear out to become the focus of the street
Qi long tail wedding

Wedding dress is not only the bride's wedding dress, but also fashion march, fine tailoring, high-end lace texture, lace decals dotted with short wedding dress high quality yarn, the big buttocks do not have to worry about, there are Peng Peng's hem cover, elegant and charming.

Elegant word wedding

Elegant words of the shoulder, was thin and stylish, simple is not simple, back strap design is a big bright spot, lower body yarn yarn grasping folds design Peng Peng with aristocratic palace style, noble and elegant.

Bride married in the sleeves wedding dress

Exquisite lace texture, high-end grade, like a custom-made tailored tailored, invisible net yarn, your shoulder perfectly revealed, in the sleeved section design beautiful, big trailing goddess Fan Lixian.

Word to shoulder wedding

Perfect waist, net yarn on the fine lace decals, to enhance the grade, the word was thin and elegant, classic French wind quietly struck.

Panthers skirt dress

Pure white, beautiful people suffocating wedding short wedding dress dress, would like to immediately wear, on behalf of the longing for happiness, dressed in wedding dress, in the wedding to become the focus of the audience.

Simple shoulder bride dress

Korean version of the word shoulder wedding shoulder irregular curve lace set off your perfect shoulder and neck, layers of the network yarn lace texture high-end, Peng Peng beautiful charming.

Korean style wedding

A woman must wear a white wedding dress, according to a beautiful wedding, elegant word shoulder, exquisite lace decals, all show its elegance.

Korean style wedding dress

High-grade yarn is the perfect lace decals, self-cultivation clothes tail cut, the word shoulder elegant thin, like the window of the display, quality and art coexist.

Palace of the word shoulder wedding

petite dresses Thick French palace aristocratic wind, exquisite, such as beautiful princess, take the shoulder section design is very obvious arm slim, layers of the network yarn lace decals are all noble dignified, Peng Peng, beautiful.