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The bride wedding dress set

The bride wedding dress set

As a bride you do not want to be beautiful and moving into the audience's focus, then the bride wedding beach wedding dress dress how to choose it? A wedding should be prepared several sets of wedding dress?

Bride wedding dress dress Raiders 1: simple and light out of the yarn

Out of the yarn is mainly in the groom wedding, shooting location to wear, although there is no important important wedding, but the choice of appropriate, people will have a bright feeling. In order to facilitate the bride action, the yarn is generally not recommended to use the big tail, in terms of material, try to choose light material.

Bride wedding dress dress Raiders II: exquisite beauty of the main wedding

The main wedding is mainly in the wedding ceremony to wear, the style can be extremely luxurious and imaginative, rhinestones, lace, pearls are good decoration. Chest and then with a white pearl necklace, echoed with the soft veil, Xiamen wedding photography that is more bride dignified and pure, noble and luxurious pompus long tail, wearing it like a fairy tale princess.

Bride wedding dress dress Raiders three: dignified atmosphere of the two approach dress

When the bride is approaching the general is to thank the parents and friends and relatives of the short wedding dress link, so choose a dignified atmosphere of the dress is particularly important. In the style, it is best not to wear yarn and the main wedding overlap, color, avoid using white, to avoid the guests of visual fatigue.

Bride wedding dress dress Raiders four: simple playful toast dress

Toast dress is in the middle of the string and the owner of the interaction when wearing, if the bride two approach when the choice of a red dress, that toast when you can choose other colors, in style because of the interaction with the guests should be light The

bridesmaid dresses French wedding dress, elegant interpretation of the bride. Even if there is no gorgeous embellishment and exaggerated momentum, but full of confidence and fashion sense, this is the French wedding of the charming place.

French woman wearing a natural do not make the elegant temperament, with a simple and comfortable shape, to create a natural beauty. Sent the designer's wedding works, also have this French fashion spirit, with low-key style with excellent texture, to create a natural refined charm.