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The beauty of the wedding is the dream of every girl in mind, the beauty of the fairy
Korean version of the word shoulder champagne wedding

Wedding like petals lilies as indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so short wedding dress moving.

Chinese wedding dress toast service

Classic collar design, accompanied by shrewd and colorful multicolored embroidery, double-layer cuff design, gestures show the Chinese New Year's gentle and beautiful.

Striped lace tail wedding dress

Slim was casual dresses thin, lace flowers, romantic small tail.

Red bride toast service

Lace in the sleeve, delicate and elegant, elegant and dignified Princess shape.

Wedding dress with a blindfold wedding dress

petite dresses Beautiful wedding, designed for women, to create a general beauty, the word shoulder design, revealing the clavicle exquisite and very fashionable, Qi of the tail, good-looking can show the elegant temperament of the bride.

Exquisite lace fabric was thin wedding dress, flowers embellishment, waist cover belly, elegant romantic dress, can fill your various fantasies of the wedding.

The bride married the word shoulder long tail

Exquisite slender tail wedding, luxury long tail, to create a dream wedding, sexy design, leaving the bride add charming, coupled with the atmosphere of the skirt, flying in the wind at random, the dream of the general ethereal Transparent, soft atmosphere.

Fashion elegant word shoulder design wedding, three-dimensional waist is always seen in the court wedding design, dignified and dignified atmosphere, strap design, flexible adjustment of the elastic, hidden fish bones supporting upper body shape tall and straight.