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The beauty of the dress
Fish tail toast bride dress

Xian Chul's high-end selection, refined and standardized quality to create, high-quality fabric thin skin-friendly, lace carefully decorated on the yarn surface, so that fine fishtail pattern on the skin bloom.

Red toast dress

Using high-end red lace fabric, aroused the ultimate joy, colorful, unforgettable red classic, beautiful pleated skirt, toggle fashion gear, hundred thousand turn back.

A wedding dress

Fresh and refined words shoulder wedding dress, brisk soft yarn flower dream, pure still, and lace lace romantic Buddha, to create a bright dazzling beautiful beauty.

Sole and Slim Slim Wedding

Soft and elegant pleated skirt, filling elegant fashion. Light and sexy new era, exquisite pure white lace flowers, with elegant texture, net yarn word collar design, simple revealed in the sexy.

Long bridal bridesmaid dresses for women dress

beach wedding dress Exquisite collar cut, wipes want to lift the charm of incense lace wedding dress insipidae clavicle, Yan Hong charming atmosphere style, lace flowers rivado, full of abundance slim sexy sexy.

Noble and elegant party evening dress

Full of graceful, introverted, elegant temperament, to create your delicate figure, sexy curve, so happy woman at the banquet shine.

New crystal bridal shoes

The new crystal bridal shoes, the use of sexy pointed design, elegant upper hand with flowers, fine exquisite crystal modification, from the details to see the expectations of a good marriage.

New crystal white diamond high heels

Crystal white diamond high heels, the perfect blend of the plus size dresses latest classic and luxurious fashion. Elegant, intellectual fashion effect, beautiful never bound, low-key exudes a bright white diamond and bright luxury elegance.