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Studio dress too ugly Comes with these dress the United States burst
Variety wild, simple wild, wardrobe single product, integrated design, highlighting the personality and unique, more Fan children, a sense of hierarchy.

Chiffon One-piece Dress

Wild and heart, simple design concept, fashion generous, soft and comfortable, clean and generous, intellectual elegance of the noble temperament. Vibrant, vibrant, with the elegant, like a table, was grade, beautiful and lovely, classic and popular with the perfect.

Corduroy high waist dress

Beautiful and generous, strong sense of graduation dresses popular, relaxed and comfortable, girls essential, warm feeling full, come to the fore, high-quality comfortable fabrics. Full of leisure and comfortable attitude of life, the release of sweet temptation, quiet, elegant, full of ladies, the appearance of fluffy.

Chiffon Print High waist dress

Simple, clean, wild, more smooth lines, give you absolute gas field, strong recommendation, gentle breathable, filling the wisdom of women style. Feel soft, comfortable to wear, feel smooth and smooth, thick and moderate; hollow crochet, a strong sense of texture.

Waist chiffon dress long sleeves

Fabric is not shrinking, do not fade, comfort strong; flexible soft and comfortable cheap wedding dress deformation is not easy; breathable, highlight the quality, fabric drape super good.

Small fresh transparent flocking point of summer wear thin waist skirt

This little bit of a small magic fabric, although very soft how to fold nor deformation, but will not have no shape to wear a very three-dimensional air feeling may be because the yarn added to the flocking of the wave point it will have some small playful feel.

Fashion new long sleeves loose high waist skirt

Yellow skin is white look more dynamic, but the yellow dress to do little, but as long as I do is love you love the matter. This hot summer this year, the whole is very loose kind, there is the feeling of a baby shirt, but because the use of silk fabric rather than cotton so it will not look too naive, shoulder part of the translucent single , But from the chest position in order to prevent the light on the use of double, big cuffs gestures between the full temperament ~

Front cross black hanging neck strap short sleeve skirt small black dress

Thin sling in the chest cross with the collar of the small V word this little black skirt to modify the effect of the shoulder is very clear on the back of the cut with the suit is equipped with four pieces of stitching the design of a good modification of the back of the line even after the More fleshy meat will not be obvious.

white dress Star long sleeves fashion skirt to send the end of tape

My girl heart minutes to be fascinated by this is maxi dresses not only a thin pink yarn skirt more on the yarn skirt above the stars of the stars sequined version is also cute to the dolls plus layers of folds Bulingbuling very small The feeling of the public.