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Spring and summer aesthetic temptation wedding dress outline the achievements of modern bride
Every woman has a princess dream of the heart, dream of his prince hand in hand spectrum of love music, wedding day to become the world's most beautiful woman, then the choice of wedding dress is very important, the following for the prospective bride to bring several Spring and summer the latest wedding, so you become the most tempting and dazzling actress!

White strapless wedding dress

Want to show a small wedding at the wedding of the bride may wish to try this wedding, the traditional white wedding dress is more elegant and the atmosphere, and exposed side of the beautiful incense shoulder, more sexy and elegant, do not have to be afraid to go light, Perfect tailoring, the bride wonderful man's body show at a glance.

white dress Deep V dew pink wedding dress wedding dress

This wedding is very sexy and unique, deep temples before and after the temptation of V, people can not resist the charm of it, just right sexy YY no dust in the shadow, white dress long fine fold, outline the bride's sexy curve.

Shoulder sexy wedding dress

This wedding neck lace design, the female natural beauty of the clavicle showing the opening of the chest so that lovers looming, emphasizing the lines of the personal tailoring so soft skirt as elegant as the evening dress, mopping the skirt look More petite dresses layered, simple more than a woman's charming.

Fashion elegant wedding dress

Transparent collar splicing design wedding dress, suitable for elegant and atmospheric bride, but can also easily control the fashion sense, silk collar connected with irregular wedding, a variety of texture mixed with the achievements of the beautiful wedding, hem as fish tail design, like incarnation For the mermaid princess to give people unlimited reverie, put it also has its unique romantic atmosphere, and the wedding atmosphere is perfect fit.