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Skin black bride choose what color wedding good?
In the bride before marriage will be selected wedding, but for the skin of the bride, the selection of wedding dress is very tangled, then the skin of the bride how to pick to the satisfaction of the wedding? Here we take a look at the bride wedding dress selection skills it

One, white

beach wedding dress White wedding dress, white dress, the normal wedding are pure white package, white dress is the color of the bride than the best choice. In order to distinguish between the wedding, white dress in the fabric and design needs to show and wedding is not the same feeling. If your wedding dress is a lovely poncho skirt or lace big tail, then the dress can choose the Chinese high collar or shoulder sleeve with the design, the use of light chiffon fabric or glossy good silk, plus flowers, And some other unique decoration, a white toast can make the bride in the whole wedding elegant and refined.

Second, silver gray

Silver-gray is also a sensible choice for darker brides. Silver gray tones flower girl dresses are very stylish and elegant, if coupled with some shiny decoration, it will make the bride look elegant and charming, silver gray is also very easy to match the color, no matter what your wedding is the main colors, silver gray can Good coordination with it.

Three, deep red

Dark red dress, one can show the wedding of the festive, the second is the skin of the bride wearing a deep red, in particular, can highlight a proud and noble taste, compared to the skin white white dress bride, skin bride more red Deductive personality.

Four, bare pink, gray blue

Who is pink, blue is the patent of white skin? Skin bride in the choice of pink, you can choose the color of the lower brightness of the bare pink, gray powder, the same can also set off the bride with the soft. Gray and blue colors can also make the bride look stylish and elegant.

In short, the color is not the only point, the skin of the bride in the dress of the choice, as bold as possible to try different petite dresses colors, because each bride is actually different personality, bright color is not suitable for every skin black bride, The bride in the time to buy a dress must try a lot of different colors, different styles of upper body effect, so as to choose their own satisfaction with the appropriate dress Oh.

Five, champagne

Champagne wedding dress, although reversed the traditional color wedding, but it is one of the eternal classic color, but also represents the most eternal classic memories. Oriental bride's skin color is mostly yellow, but some of the bride color partial white, some bride color partial black! This champagne wedding dress will become the color of the bride's bride's love! Bride can model a stylish Dark nude makeup! Will become a bright spot in the wedding!