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Show clothes or white wedding dress, married girls are ready?
A lifetime, to the most traditional wedding it!

Traditional Chinese dress has become a female star wedding indispensable highlights, in addition to the traditional cheongsam, as well as dragon and phoenix gown and show clothes. This year, more and more brides are like Xiu Wo service, Fengguan Xia 锟斤拷, a ray of red makeup to add more wedding festive.

With the emphasis on traditional Chinese culture, Chinese wedding in recent years has been more and more new favorite, Chinese wedding dress is also getting popular. Cheongsam, dragon and phoenix gown, show Wo clothes ... ... as part of the traditional Chinese culture, each piece of Chinese wedding dress on a needle line are impregnated with numerous craftsmen of the effort and ingenuity. Hold your hand, and grow old together.

Chinese wedding dress is the biggest feature of auspicious meaning of the embroidery, rich colors, soft to the touch, natural harmony, the pattern is lifelike. Whether in exquisite, Suzhou embroidery flower girl dresses can be seen.

Waiting for my long hair and waist, peach is still enchanting. Every woman has a beautiful heart of the wedding, wearing a different kind of their own, leaving a good memory. Ordinary white yarn can not highlight their own, why not come to a traditional wedding dress show it?

With the trend to go, the Chinese bride no longer alone in the Western-style wedding, the traditional Chinese show clothes, red color is very festive, delicate embroidery also revealed a thick Chinese style

Xiu Wo is actually a test of a girl's body, too fat, or too short, do not think that hidden can not see, but precisely because of its color and style, the most vulnerable to exposure, so if it is short Of the girls, it is best to wear a pair of shoes within the increase Oh

Luan Feng, always the eternal theme of classical costumes, that long and very simple skirt, with the chest embroidered peon embroidery, the meaning is also very good. Disc buckle, with a happy meaning, so the general will use this dress buckle.

Bright red, dragon and phoenix coat, this match will always be able to make the bride look like a beautiful flower in general delicate soft, small cuffs will not let the bride in the toast or held a ceremony when the kind of constraints , This style, in fact, tend to be simple.

Like the TV inside, the Republic of the bride, wearing a dress are very beautiful, not like the ancient Chinese clothing as tedious, but the work is very delicate, especially with headdress and embroidered shoes, the United States and the United States to do a bride.

Red, is the representative of the family color, like the dazzling sun, but also like the burning flame that flames, dragon and phoenix was Cheung, hi from heaven, these terms as if designed for such a dress, with a peaceful and Auspicious, that blunt Phnom Penh's faint flowers, is not it nice to see it.

Every woman wants to have a wedding of their own, but also want that kind of very different and unusual wedding, such a show clothes, you can greatly meet the woman's mind, all auspicious words are In the dress on the show, the lapel buckle white dress plus size dresses is also very respect for the classic Kazakhstan.

white dress In the most beautiful years, the promise of their own a wish, but also to their own one of the most beautiful memories of youth, and that the most sweet Chinese wedding.