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Several carefully selected dress dress, so you at the party, the party even more outstanding
Slim waist skirt dress

This dress, is a stylish product that can be easily obtained without scanty skins! Square neckline, both sides of the shoulder lotus embellishment embellishment, elegant and agile! Waist hollow cut, slight skin, a little sexy in the personality. Slim version with just the skirt length, the overall fell graceful, elegant and charming!

Perspective Net yarn stitching dress skirt

This dress, a little gentle, a little bit sexy, put on the body, the whole person is gentle lady up, slightly clear, the sense of hierarchy is also more feminine! Embellishment of sophisticated three-dimensional embroidery pattern, heavy industry outside with a little gorgeous sense! High-waist umbrella skirt, skirt length to calf, the entire skirt-style lines, elegant and neat.

Elegant dress dress

This skirt take the elegant style of the atmosphere. Classic and elegant style, the upper body is fitted sleeveless vest design, the lower part is a big skirt, very modified body proportions! Elegant atmosphere, still a bit small retro. Gem blue color, soft and shiny hue, add a little low-key sense of gorgeous;

Profile was thin dress skirt

Exquisite ladies style of a skirt, suitable for wear in the air-conditioned room, high-quality fabrics, a touch of luster, big pai design sense of the bow! Tight upper body very pure and noble! In addition to attending the dinner, attend parties, etc. can wear, life is really wear style!

Off-shoulder dress dress

Sexy big V collar, tempting little strapless, princess fancy bow + court retro sleeves, a combination of above, wan beauty and the overall style of blending, without any unexpected sense! Ingenuity carved romantic little dress skirt, whether commute to the streets, a long sleeve wedding dress small party or a grand dinner, can be elegantly dressed!

long sleeve wedding dress V-neck white dress dress

Layer tassel design, especially the United States! A kind of fantasy little angel of both visual sense, pure white petite dresses hue, so complicated process, become clear and graceful ~ wear on the body, elegant light luxury romance, it is recommended with a shiny high heels, and then take a small diamond Hand bag, easily into the banquet of the flash to steal the main character!