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Selected small chest mm Tube Top wedding dress, delicate beauty
Was thin and simple Tube Top wedding dress

Delicate lace sketching design, even more finished, mention the waist line, even pregnant women can wear the color of the United States and the United States, the design of the back strap, can accommodate more stature, extending the delicate lace outline, Delicate beauty.

Qi tail trailing Tube Wedding

Bra style wedding dress is classic in the classics, suitable for all kinds of body wear, no body limitations, and the season! Heart-shaped rhinestone, lace romantic.

wedding dress Trailing Tube Top Wedding dress

Simple version of the type, it is more refined, without procrastination, lighter weight, evening dresses upper body will not feel boring, with a touch of literary sense, it is a Department of Forest Department of a wedding dress.

Long tail tailor luxury palace wedding

Large skirt design, medieval European court sense, with double lace drawing fabrics, so that the overall effect of more luxurious and elegant.

Bra small tail lace thin wedding dress

Put all the emphasis on the skirt in fact, the package hip design, more prominent good figure, Bra design, sexy and charming, elegant and moving. Simple and modern realism style, thousands of hand-made three-dimensional flowers more demeanor, marriage is the starting point of happiness.

Thin Slim Qi long tail wedding

Self-cultivation version, with a long purple wedding dress section of the tail, absolutely make you a wedding queen. Slim spring and summer bride long sleeve word shoulder wedding dress, white wedding dress worn in the slender body of a woman, the woman's face slightly flush with a trace of soft slender smile, feel that he is the happiest woman in the world.

Princess long tail pregnant sweet wedding, all the girls are lace wedding dress fantasy wedding wear the moment and look like wearing a wedding, the girls want to be a beautiful bride, put on their own wedding, as long as put on the wedding, each girl is the most beautiful in the world Bride!