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Romantic bridesmaid dress, to create the best supporting actress in the wedding
Bridesmaids in the wedding also need to carefully dress up, bridesmaid dress selection should be luxurious and not publicity, decent generous, festive and with a sense of intimacy. So what is the bridesmaid dress to wear?

1, champagne, silver

short wedding dress Champagne is very suitable for oriental women's skin color and temperament; noble silver is able to highlight the elegant wedding style, hotel wedding, church wedding and champagne, silver dress is the best match. With the advent of personalized weddings, the theme of the wedding, gray, purple, lotus color and other fashion colors by more women of all ages.

2, yellow

Bright and bright yellow is also a bridesmaid's usual dress, but relatively speaking, is a more dangerous color, accidentally robbed the bride's thunder. Elegant goose is a good choice, with chiffon or sandy fabric, so that bridesmaid exudes a Smart elegant beauty.

3, blue

Hot summer, many groom will choose the beach or outdoor wedding, this time the bridesmaids choose light blue dress it, such as the sea as pure, the United States is not publicity, and the groom's white yarn is also quite match, giving a harmonious The beauty, showing the most pure beauty.

4, light blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color, combined with the white wedding, make the bride bridesmaid dresses look more elegant and quiet, blue bridesmaid dress is very suitable for the spring and summer wedding season.

One, gray line

Gray color is rarely appear in the Chinese wedding, but if the new dare to boldly try new things, and both parents of the wedding participation of the lower, you may wish to try to use the gray line as the bridesmaid dress color. Gray dress is very suitable for outdoor lawn wedding, only in the dress fabric and details on a little deal, it will sweep away the old gray, but more prominent temperament.

Second, the green line

Green symbolizes the freshness and vitality, can bring hope, good luck and vitality of the feeling, is very fresh and natural color. The skin is more white bridesmaid wearing a green dress will be more white, but if the bridesmaid's skin yellow or partial black, it is best to avoid the choice of this color. Another marriage customs are different around, it is best to white dress know in advance the marriage of the color of the avoidance, so as not to cause misunderstanding.

Three, purple line

Purple is an extravagant color, but also very bright color, purple bridesmaid dress is very suitable for autumn and winter wedding season. In the choice of the purple as a bridesmaid dress when the style and details of everything from Jane is appropriate, otherwise it will give people a heavy feeling. Yellowish bridesmaids are not suitable for the selection of purple dress.

Four, pink, rose red line

Pink, rose red is warm, is a very feminine color, bridesmaids wearing a pink dress, will give you the wedding to bring more romantic atmosphere. Choose pink bridesmaid dress, we should pay attention not too fancy, style and details as far as possible from the simple, one to avoid the overwhelming second to avoid lower grades.