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Romantic and beautiful wedding dress, open your happy journey
"I have more than once complained about God, before I old blame God is not fair to me, let me experience some hardships, unhappy things, now I know, I also understand why, because it is the best Leave me, I'll be obedient.

Wedding is a woman in life a very important thing, and a perfect wedding, of course, is to start from the noble and beautiful wedding! For the wedding, that exquisite lace flowers, layers of network yarn glowing Ying Jie and pure light, like a fairy tale princess, beautiful and flawless. Followed by Xiaobian to pick up their favorite wedding it!

Sen Department of large size was thin shoulder fat long tail

High waist design, cover belly was thin no consultation, filling slim waist. Visually looks more than 5 cm, so that you have the ideal long legs.

The word was thin v collar lead to wedding

Exquisite V-neck, slightly exposed clavicle sexy and not exposed, to create full of charming style. Oversized prom dresses long mop romantic bursting, people's attention on the skirt, and other shortcomings are minimized.

Princess dream trickle lace fish beach wedding dress tail bride wedding

Full of fantastic sense of luxury big trailing, shoulder detachable two wear method is very practical. Not obvious too loose and procrastination, slim baby wear just right.

Short before the long tail bride wedding dress

Short before purple wedding dress the length of the irregular skirt, the maximum exposing the legs line, was not recommended long legs. Large area of romantic flowers dotted in the skirt, exudes a fresh and refined little woman temperament, so you are like a fairy is not difficult.

Short and long after the long tailored bride wedding dress

Thin yarn, fresh flowers dotted in the above, romantic and beautiful, put it on the body will be free to release the charm of women, my dear he saw the eye can not be removed Oh!

graduation dresses Will give the wedding life, it not only represents the inheritance, but also hope that every woman who wear it can be sacred happiness, hold your hand with their old age. Happy life ~