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Home / News > Red bride dress, carrying cheongsam art elegant, to create a graceful temperament of women


Red bride dress, carrying cheongsam art elegant, to create a graceful temperament of women
Red gorgeous, gorgeous and enchanting; Yue move the gauze, dynamic and elegant; net yarn skirt, coupled with bright Dingzhu decoration, gorgeous and elegant.

This is a stunning sexy dress, heavy industry embroidery, self-cultivation tailoring, swaying fish tail, showing the beautiful curves of women and stunning charm.

Red luxury, bright debut. Gorgeous design, carrying the elegant cheongsam art, to create a graceful temperament of women, split the design, showing the elegance of women's charm.

Reflecting the blooming of different Chinese red, brilliant gilt color jacquard, Slim version of the type, swaying skirt, walking, filling graceful posture.

Hand lace embroidery, touch three-dimensional, elegant, coupled with the charm of the crystal, highlight the luxury. Long before the long skirt, showing the elegance of women and yet cute cute.

To sequel star-like embellishment in the hourglass mermaid modeling, to show three-dimensional aesthetic design, Slim waist, showing the noble and gorgeous.

Embroidery and lace are often complementary, whether it is fish type or embroidery, have the intention of the designer. Flower vine vine delicate and delicate, more gorgeous gas field.

Brilliant crystal diamond, Yingying shiny pearls, fine exquisite handicrafts carved, brilliant bloom, shining light. Fashion round collar collar, three-dimensional cut high waist double S-type, beautiful curves graceful, fishy enchanting, sexy and noble, show the most vividly.

This dress lace in the long section, Qi tied with pink design, put on Slim sexy charming ... temperament ... keep returning high.

petite dresses This carefully tailored aesthetic collar particularly beautiful, especially on the special look good, the graduation dresses United States and the United States da. Rust is very comfortable, good quality, cost-effective, blue wedding dress no thread, presented fine earrings.

This high-quality lace, stylish sweet was thin design, put it, fashion atmosphere, Slim was thin, age and princess beauty range of children.

This sexy word shoulder, bridesmaid suit invisible zipper Slim waist, lightly silky, beautiful curves, showing you elegant and elegant temperament.

This baby perfect sundial version, silky bright satin hand knot design, elegant temperament instantly. Give you not the same charm.

This engagement banquet dress, interpretation of exquisite big style, exquisite atmosphere, the trend of fashion, show your perfect body.

This selection of light texture of a lace, fresh and refined shoulders, interpretation of exquisite big style.

This lace dress, this dress is really beautiful, good material, wear really beautiful.