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Put on Xiuhe wedding, so that you love this life
2017 new wedding toast service

Xiu Wo service is a traditional Chinese festive costumes, is a Chinese wedding graduation dresses bride dress indispensable one, with classical charm, elegant fresh temperament.

Chinese classic Handicap, handmade Glassbeads Embroidery production, the classic dragon and phoenix coat improved,  luxury aesthetic sense of retro, the use of sexy soft satin fabric charm, to do a beautiful and dignified bride.

Toast bride cheongsam

Work is very detailed, highlight the bride's unique beauty, collar design is full of fashion taste, exquisite workmanship elegant temperament, sketched out graceful and futuristic. Exquisite embroidery to wear more stunning, retro fashion was beautiful, Slim waist version of the type of piercing slender body, golden and red combination, even more gorgeous extravagance.

Show off the bride 2017 new

High-end embroidery show Wo service, only in a very solemn occasion to hold up the clothes, thick retro charm highlights the charm of traditional Chinese culture, high-grade atmosphere, exquisite embroidery also appears elegant and generous, noble extraordinary it.

Xiufu clothing embroidery, from the collar began on the golden bright embellishment, coat dense show full of the precious dragon and the Phoenix show clothes, in this meticulous hand to highlight its unique and extraordinary charm. Super atmosphere elegant!

The bride's toast has a long note

prom dresses For those who have not yet married, the wedding is sacred and beautiful, but also what we yearn for. A perfect wedding, a lot of things need to be prepared. Beautiful clothes and unique show Wo characteristics, coupled with colorful embroidery patterns, highlighting the precious and elegant, this section is retro and domineering, elegant beauty of the United States!

Girl cheongsam show Wo clothing embroidery clothing

High-density embroidery, so that the whole show Xi clothes look very luxurious, not only good-looking, and full of meaning, very retro beauty. Retro embroidery fabric design, improved cheongsam perfect fusion, add elegant fashion, break the cheongsam lining the solid, more to meet the modern fashion.

Show kimono

Xiu evening gowns Wo service is actually evolved from the end of the Qing Dynasty women's clothing. Xiu Wo suits for the collar or round neck, lapel or oblique jacket jacket, the following horse skirt. Show Wo overall design is more relaxed, not to the dragon and the dragon jacket to pick the body. Collar beautifully flower pattern buckle, delicate and tactful, all the delicate and tenderness without fear of locking, full of classical elegance charm.