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Put on these dresses, Queen Fan Princess wind with you to switch!
What is the flower fairy? Like these are, each are not ordinary, each with its own characteristics, because full of flowers elements, thrown into the flowers, may not be found. As if this summer to add a colorful beach wedding dress color.

Pink fashion dress like a princess skirt with a slant showing sexy legs. Pleated skirt, and skirt hat skirt. Tightly highlighted the body symmetrical slender, on the contrary on the generous.

short wedding dress Large flowers cover a large area, the distance looks complicated camouflage, contrast floral embellishment, embellishment looks better look, black base and suction eyes, side low collar exposed skin, look sexy.

The waist of the metal buckle is a bright spot, the whole is like a roll of flowers, and people is that the bright flowers, in place to show "" flower "in the beauty of the soul! Light soft skirt, highlight the graceful posture, Summer cool.

Dark fashion, there is the taste of autumn, pure black revealed dignified, knees below the design of the fish tail is the finishing touch, the perfect show of women's curves.

Although are the same color with the details of the Department also highlights the extraordinary, little and sequins, full of drape yarn dress, Xianqi full.

If the sensuality, sexy and not tacky, generous and delicate design, more than the dress out of color. Reveals a kind of intellectual, elegant.

Waist jewelry, visually improve the leg lines, revealing a thin arm, look tall and thin. Deliberately torn skirt, is the only exposed skin, full of personality.

Red and passionate, tough and weak prom dresses combination, but special. Black and red is very classic, with Chinese flavor

Noble and elegant temperament banquet bridesmaid dress. Firming upper body, with poncho skirt, very elegant Western style, net yarn design, lining a woman white complexion, noble and elegant, to participate in the banquet, or when the host can wear. Black dignified atmosphere, the most out of a woman's charming and sexy. A character outline the sexy clavicle curve, embroidery craft exquisite, highlight the sexy goddess character, attend dresses for women the event, the banquet to wear very good.

Flower fairy fairy dress. Xianqi fluttering, the feeling of a small fairy, very sweet and charming, the yarn design and printing with the complement each other, Jiaoren never forget, you put on a certain US turned.