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Pure and flawless white wedding, for your holy love Tim add color
A thin shoulder wedding dress

Ultra-soft skin-friendly fabric, bring a comfortable wearing experience, delicate lace breathable moisture, gorgeous eyes decorated with charming incense shoulder, looming feeling add a trace of mystery, so that the bride's graceful body more full of sexy temptation.

Lace stand up to wedding

The ultimate smooth cut, upper body effect is excellent, the proportion of gold cut, was thin and tall, showing graceful posture, the perfect waist so that the bride more beautiful, decorated with stars red dress decorated, to the wedding to bring a different style, gentle Of the yarn highlights the bride's elegant and elegant.

Korean version of the thin wedding dress

Simple cut the distribution of women's sexy gentle, waist self-cultivation highlights the soft temperament of women, graceful colorful design, outline the chest, clever highlights S curve, light net yarn revealed a mysterious sexy, lace three-dimensional flowers Fresh and moving, filling the beauty of tender and beautiful.

Qi word to shoulder wedding dress

Elegant shoulder, is this year has been popular design point, exquisite self-cultivation, do not have the heart of the sleeve design full of gentle demeanor, simple and generous style, filling fresh and refined beauty, like a fairy yarn, Xian Qi full, interpretation of the princess Style.

Korean version of Bra to the wedding

Simple and self-cultivation version of the graceful posture, delicate lace will be exposed to the bride's beauty, elegant eyes to show the bride's soft temperament, version of fit, the overall clothing posture three-dimensional, modified stature was thin high, stylish and elegant design Simple atmosphere, highlighting the bride's noble and elegant temperament.

plus size wedding dress Korean style bride short wedding dress wedding

Sexy feminine design, hand-made pleated design, bring out a charming little charm, beautiful lace lace piercing elegant style, slim waist effect show graceful figure, generous elegant back tie With the design, the classic reveals a wonderful sexy.

Slam the bride and groom

Lace word shoulder design, luxury big, magnificent sequined embellishment, adding the bride's charming, simple design graceful, the atmosphere of the skirt, add a trace of sweet and subtle atmosphere, piercing the classic graceful temperament, to be a Beauty of the bride.