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Petite bride wedding dress choose the most suitable for their own
Petite bride wedding dress, for their own is the most beautiful. Wedding bride can choose for their own temperament to choose a different design of the wedding, petite can also be very beautiful.

plus size wedding dress One, petite bride wedding dress program 1

Style design: arc Bra, embroidery, printing

Fabric: Tulle

Different from the general wrist wedding dress, arc design can extend the height of the bride bride, so that the bride looks slender, waist back design, highlighting the bride's waist lines, formal dresses plus a large skirt Pendulum can be the bride's gas field contrast to the extreme.

Petite bride wedding dress program 2

Style design: arc Tube Top, bow, high waist, fish tail

Fabric: tulle, satin

The curvature of the line design with high waist bow design, can be a good stretch of the bride's body, make up for the lack of height, and fish tail design can make the bride lower body slim, highlight the feeling of mermaid, with tulle fabric can Increase the elegant wedding dress.

Petite bride wedding dress program 3

Style design: Tube Top, high waist, A word skirt

Fabric: satin, lace

High waist decoration design, elongated the bride's overall stature, plus A-shaped skirt's personal effect, beach wedding dress better reflect the bride petite advantage. And lace and satin with the bride is more noble and elegant temperament.

1, long paragraph wedding dress recommendations

Because for most petite but proportionally symmetrical ladies, we suggest you choose the princess models. There is no horizontal line in this style, which makes your body look more slender. In addition, the straight bucket skirt will make petite you are more easily overlooked at the wedding party, so you should have a plump skirt, so that it is worthy of the red carpet that important moment. The ladies of the shorts need nothing to be overwhelming. If your legs are still relatively short relative to the height, then wear high heels!

2, short paragraph wedding dress recommended petite girl in the choice of dress when trying to choose a shorter style as well, skirt end in the knee 10CM length position is ideal, so not only make the legs look slender, but also Not because the skirt is too long but will shorten your height.

The above is Xiao Bian for everyone to bring the petite bride wedding dress style, hoping to give the bride choose wedding dress to provide some reference.