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Own Xianqi children's "light" wedding read immediately want to get married
The wedding gives a grand impression, partly because of their huge size and tedious skirt. Now "light wedding" more and more popular, no exaggerated decoration and cumbersome lace and even save the skirt in the keel. They become more thin and elegant. Appeared in the holiday travel photos without any violation. There is no place in the suitcase, thin and ordinary skirt volume is not bad. Take off high heels, play barefoot walk it!

Even if the complex wedding also want to get out of their own style, for the love of freedom, advocating the unrestrained girl, elegant and with Bohemian style wedding dress and may win your heart, compared to wearing high heels, Wearing a heavy veil or wearing precious jewelry, why not play barefoot to the beach to hold a wedding?

pink wedding dress If you choose this place as a garden, the light and elegant is the focus. Full of pastoral style. Mainly with lace and folds to create a romantic French romantic atmosphere.

Big mouth back deep V design, but also with a variety of floral and straw hat match, very creative, people want to go to nature to embrace freedom.

With a soft French lace and unique design to attract a lot of little fairies, good use of French lace and beautiful silk, handmade way to make beautiful girls wedding. Combined with retro elegance and Bohemian style, unique lace and silk through handmade, to create a unique and unique personalized wedding. Whether it is modern style, elegant retro self-cultivation series, or romantic Bohemian wind, each one is like a different personality for the design of the girls, people can not help everyone read the bag in.

The introduction of the wedding style, there is always a look at the magic of love. To the beautiful romantic Bohemian wind as the main tone, and the design season with a lot of gentle silk, and elegant trapped empty lace intertwined, but also with a small sexy and small sweet, big cuff design romantic to side!

Yarn dress is a simple and comfortable small skirt, casual and stylish. Especially for the beach wedding, vacation is also very appropriate. Not rigidly adhere to the traditional wedding style, but to join the more retro big speaker sleeves, perspective and simple skirt. In the charming seaside shoot full of romance and poetic.

Although it is a small minority wedding brand, wear out there are big posture. Everything is like from the teacher's hand, lace, weaving, embroidery, sequined suture is not much worse than the big difference.

Take the cool and chic route, sexy with disdain, wedding series is no exception, you do not often see the wedding elements such as floral or you have never considered the color, such as wine red and blue and black, or avatar Two pieces of style, are included in the design. Very suitable for advocating the nature of the sister who, wedding graduation dresses design is a sense of lines, naturally with the style!

Want to be an alternative cool bride, you find right. Of course, the traditional white wedding has a lot of choices, each one of the design sense are filled with youth girl atmosphere.

Really is the most cost-effective Oh, the brand has always been simple style, from the harness silk to the retro lace, from the pure white to the tranquil pink, from the exposed style to the top style, to meet the different types of bride for the wedding needs. It is suitable for self-help wedding, go abroad to take a commemorative photo is also appropriate.

A friend said that when the wedding is suitable for the time to wear, in fact, very good Yeah, you can take pictures! Of course, maxi dresses overseas wedding is also good, or you have the idea of collecting wedding and so on. The price is very close to the people, casually take away do not be afraid of dirty, but not distressed!