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Now popular travel to get married, put on such a light wedding
where are the most beautiful bride summer v collar of the conspicuous look, showing the fabric, fabric breathable, double chiffon lining, loose and elegant, drape full. Classic V-neck in the pure white do not have a flavor. Waist design to modify your perfect waist curve, very immortal feeling ~

Put on this light wedding dress, do the most beautiful bride! Skirt body with exquisite embroidery, looks quite significant grade, and has a sexy shoulder shoulders design, and then with high heels, goddess Fan full!

This is a net yarn perspective v-chiffon embroidery dress, really beautiful! Semi-perspective of the effect, delicate exquisite Eugen yarn vaguely, revealing a woman's soft and elegant, sexy and beautiful just right.

Very fresh and beautiful a sling wedding dress, exquisite collar elongated neck lines, not only the neck is long and also a little face Oh. Thin layer of texture, not only fantastic romance, but also cover the meat was temperament!

The use of classic lace hollow, filled with faint are literary Fan, super-age effect. Travel to wear such a romantic wedding dress, married to the favorite people, that is how wonderful ah!

Art retro version type, looks elegant, elegant temperament collision out of the summer charm. Slim profile, outline graceful posture, elegant fairy image vividly in front.

blue wedding dress Sling design, sexy generous, pure and flawless white skirt body, was thin was high, waist design, showing the bumps have caused the charming posture, elegant big skirt, showing Xianqi side, super beauty Oh!

Beautiful lace pattern, elegant round neck, lace skirt, everywhere highlight this dress the vulgar temperament; loose type, can be the perfect modification of the body, in the long style elongated leg ratio, do fresh long legs Small public lift ~

This wedding layer is more abundant and soft, each angle and details are impeccable, the design of the shoulder is ingenuity, the sequins and diamond ornaments into the wedding design, so that the wedding as beautiful as the white swan rotation.

This wedding style of the United States people suffocate, layers of the skirt is not complicated from the top down, the same flow of water, waist ribbon ribbon to make the wedding more softer, fantastic clouds.

The appearance of this wedding so that we shine, light rich color, flying skirt, blooming beautiful girdle, so that the whole wedding dress on a holy light feeling. White can be simple, but plus size dresses also brilliant, both holy, can also be sexy, white temptation in the end how much charm? Different design, models of white dress can interpret the different temperament and meaning rhyme.

This wedding is favored by many women, whether blue wedding dress it is the design or workmanship in the wedding industry are the best, prospective bride, whether you want to have this wedding day wedding, both beautiful and very grade Oh.