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New summer wedding, how to choose wedding dress?
Hot weather can not stop the bride pursuit of beautiful figure, the summer wedding has added a lot of opportunities to choose. How to choose their own wedding is the concern of each bride.

Summer wear wedding dress points one

Thin and sexy

plus size wedding dress Thin summer is the needs of the climate, but also the bride and gentle set off. Thin dress wedding dress in the design more vivid and vivid. Appropriate choice of silk, spandex and other wedding dress fabrics dress upper body, spandex fabric can be close to the body, and inlaid with a larger area of ??crystal and diamonds. The silk material is often designed as a personal cheongsam or tight-fitting jacket and fishtail skirt with, in short, to the bride's S-curve show most vividly.

Color and style should be with their own color and stature. Body too fat bride do not be discouraged, you can choose jujube, sea blue and other dark color, the same can show your beauty.

Summer wear wedding dress points two

To be justified

Summer wedding dress, short dress can make the bride look more cute and playful, half-length skirt just knees, in the soft yarn material exposed white symmetrical calves, still see the bride's sexy and grace.

Skirt design pure white yarn layer, there are white gauze with powder, white yarn with red yarn, etc., sewn into a large flower shape, skirt shape made slightly longer after the front design, dress both appear Generous bridesmaid dresses and concise and concise. Skirt can be decorated with some crystal or beads, in a casual will let people shines, full of luxury heart.

Summer wedding dress points three

The color is wonderful

Summer dress color on the pink series, texture color series and other colors can choose, the color of summer dress as summer, soft and pleasing to the whole package of pink wedding is still popular, such as pink, pink orange, pink blue, purple, green and green Light silver gray, and decorated with egg yolk, water green, gouache, sky blue and other colors. Put aside the subtle and reserved summer bride, you can enjoy your wedding show their "color", glow to meet the new life of youth and vitality. A variety of colors with a variety of ingenious design creativity, this summer bride because you are different.