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National Day wedding must wear such a toast dress!
Dress dress dress

A very beautiful net yarn Bra repair wine service, super sexy design, so you wear to temperament upgrade. Strap adjustable waist design, length and length of the design longer legs long, formal dresses with a pair of cocktail dresses high heels is very nice.

Fish tail toast the bride

Elegant fishtail skirt with a word shoulder, full of ladies Fan, super-temperament, such a toast dress amazing. The most important day of life will wear the most beautiful dress, the back is a strap design, according to personal shape adjustment, more humane.

Toast the bride section fall

A very long Oriental female charm of the toast dress, stand more unique design, with beautiful embroidery effect, feel a strong cultural heritage. Stereo waist cut, the waist modification of the better, concave show your exquisite have caused. Breathable fabric, put on very comfortable, soft skin.

The bride's toast

This word shoulder dress compared to the first is not so tight, more suitable for the body of the more fat girls to wear, it is a cover of the body. Skirt length of two, can be more like their own choice, seven-point sleeve design more perfect cover meat, it is skin white Oh.

Toast the bride short

A very stylish toast dress, three-dimensional cut design, the proportion of gold, so that your legs more slender. Exquisite lace and the yarn of the collision, give you the feeling of cotton plate, back strap design, slightly halo effect more sexy and charming.

lace wedding dress Toast the bride

Ultra-distinctive characteristics of an alcohol dress, design high-end, quite queen style! Chinese plate buckle design, highlight the charm of oriental women. Dimensional self-cultivation cut, even if there is a small belly can also be a good cover Oh! Clothes texture is very strong, fabric permeability and comfort is superb.