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Marriage is like this wedding, do the most beautiful bride
Spring evening dresses and summer Chinese wedding dress

Fine workmanship, cheongsam style, version is very thin, upper body effect is very good, really is red, and the old people will like the kind of style is very classical.

Chinese dress cheongsam improved wedding dress

Clothes work is very fine, upper body effect is also very good, especially the skirt is very stunning color is, fabric soft, luxurious six very atmospheric.

Cheongsam toast Chinese dress

cheap wedding dress Good quality, exquisite workmanship, put on the more obvious body, the fabric is relatively thick, then the spring and autumn season, then it is appropriate, summer is not hot, very breathable.

Costume Chinese dress

After the skirt is very convenient to wear, unlike the dragon and phoenix coat is not good to go through graduation dresses the wind, not like other show and there are a lot of pieces slovenly. Skirt on the embroidery is particularly beautiful regardless of which point of view are very full.

Chinese dress cheongsam

Xiu Wo is our traditional Chinese festive costumes, is a Chinese wedding bride dress indispensable one, with classical charm, elegant fresh temperament. Exquisite three-dimensional embroidery process, so that no matter where you can become the focus of much attention, upper body is very layered.

Toast the bride show clothes

Choose a city end of the old, met a white head, China's love story is always so beautiful and romantic, so and the beloved people to hold a Chinese wedding is a lot of people dream of things.

Stylish strapless design perfect highlight of the elegant temperament of women, waist with a waist design, will be very self-cultivation was thin Oh.