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Look flower girl dresses at these dresses, the bride can also be a new height
The same paragraph show Wo service

Very luxurious and the atmosphere; gorgeous embroidery and tighten the waist, how to look are beautiful.

Blue flowers deep v collar bride dress

Every woman has a princess dream, dream of the emergence of Prince Charming. This fantastic princess-style dress just to meet your wishes, the princess Fan children full.

Chinese dress cheongsam

Classical dragon and phoenix pattern, exquisite tassels, are only to create a charm of the East beauty. Put it on, round your Chinese bride dream.

Red flower embroidery dress

Bold red flowers embroidery, both quite festive, and will not let you get the limelight; flower fairy dress, you are the most beautiful bride.

Short tribute dress

Beautiful lace, Peng Peng's umbrella skirt, put it noble like a fairy tale princess; embellished in the shoulder of the flowers and the back of the court-style waist convergence, it is classic can not be classic.

Bride cheongsam

This skirt can not only be used as a wedding toast, but also can be used to attend the banquet. Long section of the fish tail shape, more highlights your graceful posture

Cheongsam suit

Hand-made buckle design, even more classic Chinese elegant dress; upper body brocade, lower body chiffon, the formation of visual contrast at the same time without losing the beauty.

plus size dresses Bride toast service cheongsam

Chinese self-cultivation cheongsam, retro noble charm, it is exciting, heart and heart of the transfer, note a sentiment, and the breeze told us that young love.

Angel wedding dress red short sleeve

"Graceful curve split version, evening dresses sequins bright, disc buckle rhyme fragrance, Hongyan gold silk sequins spend more three - dimensional embroidery, luxurious charm! Slim three - dimensional cut, high fork design, easy to wear S body.