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Little bride how to choose a wedding dress
For the petite bride, the choice of wedding dress is to be able to show their own charm, and can be their perfect wedding dress body filling. As long as according to their temperament to choose, so petite is also the same beautiful.

Many little bride like to choose high waist design wedding dress or dress, because the high pull up the waist design can play the bride's leg line of the magic weapon. So if the proportion of the body is not good, the legs are too short bride can try the high waist design dress.

Of course, you can also try to choose a short paragraph wedding, this wedding does not want long paragraph wedding looks too board, but also to make the bride pretty lively filling. Petite bride is also sure to choose short paragraph wedding.

In addition to the choice of high waist and short paragraph wedding, the petite bride can also choose the shoulder has a specially designed wedding, so that we can look on your neck and face. And in the wedding than a delicate belt, or wrapped around a ribbon, so the height is no longer a problem.

Many petite bride are afraid of their own not too high, afraid of their camera was small! Do not petite bride can have their own beauty? In fact, if you are 1.58 meters below the height, not fat is not thin, learn to use clothing And the combination of accessories to increase your visual height to others. Xiaobian worry for you Oh!

bridesmaid dresses What color will be high?

Black and white, which color will be high? Xiao Bian found that the black will appear smaller, it is the representative of the shrink color, was thin at the same time will be short. Similarly, plus size wedding dress look at the blue and red? We will find warm color than the cold was high, relatively speaking, Chromic than the turbidity was high, warm color than the cold was high, light color than the dark was high. Petite women fit with color:

1, up and down the color to match, is the same color, contrast is too large, too strong contrast is not good. Up and down the body of different colors of clothes can also wear, but pay attention to the proportion of color area, upper and lower body color area ratio of 2: 3 or 3: 2 is appropriate. cheap wedding dress The best on the shallow depth, the attention of others to the head or shoulder.

2, if you want to choose pattern patterns, patterns to be as small as possible. Imagine, a large vase inserted two flowers must not look good, a small painting, very thick side of the edge will not look good. Small woman wearing "flowers", must be far away to see the specific pattern, this is the most suitable.

3, if you exquisite small, small series tips, please try to avoid with some too dull dark colors, such as black, that will make you seem lifeless and more humble. Choose those bright and bright colors can enhance the overall brightness, in order to make the compact body look lively, play a very good role in the expansion of lighting.