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Let this chic Chinese wedding dress, make your most important day beautiful
Lifelike embroidery designs, the wedding day is best preserved, especially formal dresses the skirt is amazing color positive, and the bottom of the material is very soft, red overreach, show Wo clothing dragon and Phoenix gown is our traditional Chinese festive costumes, let No matter where you go to become the focus of much publicity, to enhance the bride's elegant temperament, this style does make the couple feel very casual dresses aesthetic atmosphere, has always been a lot of new people choose the wedding style, is an indispensable Chinese wedding bridal gown Pieces, is an indispensable Chinese bride wedding dress.

Speaker sleeves, delicate embroidery, soft fabric, this style does make the couple feel very aesthetic atmosphere, this emphasis on wedding dress design is very beautiful, and now you are married like white wedding dress or Chinese-style dress yet.

Choose a city is the oldest, China's love story is always so beautiful and romantic, met a white leader, gestures filled with elegance, stiletto collocation, festive red with luxury embroidery, more purple wedding dress aura.

The new dragon and Phoenix gown Chinese wedding dress, wearing a retro necklace and red high heels, let you luster everywhere, but also exposed bracelets and other extravagant jewelry, to become the most shining people.

plus size wedding dress Red on behalf of the celebration, highlighting the happiness, there is a strong Chinese style, gold is gorgeous and rich, with a combination of two colors to bring a strong visual impact, as the wedding dress of choice.

Dragon coat as a classic Chinese wedding dress, gown skirt meaning symbol of children in groups, including Yongjie concentric, if coupled with a pair of dragon headdress and dragon and phoenix shoes will be more beautiful.

This is a chic and delicate wedding process, the shape of complex and ever-changing, multi-material silk sewing, slightest lingering, seemingly simple, bright colors, complex work, lifelike.

The wedding dress with a classic ornate shape, full of oriental charm, exquisite cuff design, coupled with exquisite embroidery, 3D three-dimensional cut, enough to make you stunning audience.