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Let show clothes to create only belong to your Chinese beauty
Show the petite dresses bride wedding dress

Intensive surprise, although it is a big red, but it is not tacky, is indeed the eyes of the baby, wearing a body in the United States overturned. Very beautiful and upscale a dress, embroidered exquisite, version of the type is good, cover the meat was thin, in the wedding day showing the most beautiful you, so that everyone amazing.

Chinese dress red cheongsque toast

Compared to Western-style wedding, now more and more girls like to wear a wedding dress in the Chinese wedding dress. Many stars will choose the dragon and the dragon coat or show Wo service married.

Xiu Wo clothes coat has a lapel and diarrhea of the choice, lower skirt is also more outreach, are lotus skirt. The overall effect of dignified rather than lively.

Cheongsam fish tail improved seven - point sleeves dress

This fish tail super sexy it, but it is very pick it, fit the body curve cut, Slim was thin, it is suitable for thin body sister wear Oh. Improved fusion of Chinese-style wedding dress, in recent years is also very popular, like this wedding dress with a combination of cheongsam and dragon and phoenix gown features, there are Xiufu service elements, as a toast or send customer service is very suitable.

Show Wo clothes Chinese wedding dress

prom dresses Exquisite plate buckle looks very grade, Shuangfeng Chengxiang color elegant and local special beach wedding dress rich, lifelike. Reflects the traditional Chinese charm. Double cuffs with gorgeous embroidery patterns, clouds are auspicious cultural symbol.

Compared to the dragon and phoenix jacket dragon and phoenix style, show Wo clothes in the pattern also did not use too many restrictions, you can embroidered dragon and phoenix, embroidery can also be other auspicious patterns.

Show woo suits Chinese bride wedding dress

Xiu Wo is the first choice for Chinese wedding, follow the times, carrying the civilization, with its mobile melody, chic painting and rich poetic, showing the Chinese women skilled, elegant, gentle, clean temperament and temperament, The beauty of the United States.

Whether it is the last century, or in the pursuit of fashion today, the Chinese show Wo's dress is definitely the first choice for the wedding, smooth and thick feel, the use of fine satin fabric to wear straight and simple, in the subtle in the right to pass through the times Elegant and calm.