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Hot summer, to a silk dress, high-end embroidery dress, thousands of lines around the finger soft
Stitching silk dress

Really will breathe the dress, using a silk fabric, to make your summer cool incomparable, more high-end atmosphere, easy to make you feel confident. Relaxed in the waist design, let your weight more block the belly, exquisite flowers, in the waist is particularly beautiful, elegant green, more simple.

Round neck silk dress

Round neck design of this dress, revealing the clavicle curve more temperament, loose waist design, exquisite print more Chinese wedding dress style, dignified temperament. Silk fabric design, is very high-end atmosphere, in ancient China is the royal family can enjoy the fabric, the real royal special.

National silk dress

Fine printing This is the Chinese nation's color printing, not only beautiful, it is very eye-catching, clavicle outline the charm of women more temperament. Loose waist design, Slim was thin, give you free space, but also to help you hide meat, silk fabric is the crystallization of Chinese national wisdom.

Ink printing silk dress

This with the Chinese ink printing dress, the ultimate Slim was thin, it is easy to help you block the small fat, round neck clavicle design, small sexy big charm. A strong Chinese flavor clothing circle, so you dignified atmosphere, more ancient style of rigorous, silk fabrics exquisite and meticulous experience.

New embroidery large skirt

Pink silk dress so that you can easily cute feminine, silk dress design to print exquisite detail, elegant dress elegant style, more ladies wind. Silk fabrics will breathe high-end fabrics, give you not the same summer experience, change early summer, you need to understand your clothes.

graduation dresses Large size silk dress

Sleeveless round neck design, exposed clavicle plus incense shoulder, lit summer charm, this dress is exquisite, popular green, let you keep up with the pace of fashion. Big skirt more elegant temperament, loose skirt elegant and more flavor, more ladies taste, bridesmaid dresses fine embroidery, more detailed, ladies taste.

Stitching silk dress

The use of gradient soft, so that this dress becomes very soft in the visual, more temperament charm, loose waist easily help you block fleshy. Ink skirt more Chinese style, dignified Diana's rigorous, give you the ultimate experience of silk, really will breathe the clothes.

Large size embroidery silk dress

White silk dress, a symbol of pure and flawless, black mysterious is a mature intellectual design, which you like it? Xiao Bian will choose black. V collar collar clavicle extremely sexy, small sexy clavicle curve outline beautiful rhyme, exquisite and delicate Chinese wind printing, sketched the most beautiful feminine.