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Gray bridesmaid dress, so that happiness by the same body
Long long evening dress

My beloved girlfriend is going to get married, for his group of maids, witnessed my beloved girlfriend into the marriage hall of the moment. Gray bridesmaid dress, so that happiness with the same, I hope you can find your happiness.

Bridesmaid short dress

Fine tailoring design, just right to modify the body curve, even more elegant atmosphere charm, leg design, Slim was thin, filling the graceful posture of women.

New gray dress

Sexy harness design, exquisite flower decoration, a woman's sexy beauty of the most vivid expression of the exposed clavicle, can not cover the short wedding dress small sexy, more seductive charm.

Gray new Korean dress

maxi dresses Stylish Slim version of the design, outline the waist curve, visual thin, showing graceful charming curve. Exquisite butterfly installed, elegant sleeves sleeves, flower girl dresses the women's sweet and elegant show endless.

Spring and summer new Korean version of the gray Slim dress

Featured high-quality mesh fabric, comfortable and soft, skin-friendly breathable, soft color, skirt down naturally; with waist design, it is the elegant display of women most vividly.

Spring and summer new bridesmaid dress

With a romantic temperament chiffon fabric and streamer design, showing the feminine beauty, word shoulder design, more prominent beautiful white neck, to create a perfect little woman.

Spring and summer new sister group bridesmaid dress

With a romantic temperament of the chiffon fabric and handmade flowers, fully demonstrated the feminine beauty; fresh and beautiful bridesmaid dress, effectively cover the leg-type defects, showing slender figure.

New bridesmaid temperament evening dress

Exquisite round neck, drift sleeves of the design, showing a slender white neck, highlighting the tenderness of women; with romantic temperament of the net yarn fabric with hand-made lace, sexy and implicit coexistence, showing charming charm.