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Give yourself a 'body' unforgettable bride dress, life only once this beauty
plus size wedding dress Long section of fish tail Slim wedding dress

Selection of imported palace lace, touch three-dimensional, elegant, lace depicts a beautiful sexy figure, heavy prom dresses hand-sewn crystal diamond blooming on the lace, upper body complex diamond, with texture, luxury and reflect the romantic flavor of the characteristics. In the sexy and charming at the same time set off a woman's elegant.

Long fashion Slim thin bride dress

Elegant romance is always the same feelings of a woman, and lace this is a synonym for romance, fine carved lace, looming and chiffon between the sexy lapel elegant temperament, quality satin waist, highlight the exquisite figure, field.

A red shoulder bride toast

Temperament of the tail, enchanting fish tail, gentle Qi, with simple cut, highlighting the beautiful curves of women, high-quality fabrics, showing the ladies temperament and gentle.

Bride married long before the long paragraph toast service

Fashion Jindian Bra design highlights the chest type, outline the perfect chest type, sexy and glamorous. Cute butterfly section decorated even more slender waist, handmade sequins will become a beautiful pattern, carefully with the details of the elegant, very beautiful, people heart.

The bride dress to the bride

Elegant lace, beautiful lace, beautiful souls are lit, holy such as clean lead, elegant if Guanghua bloom, alone show new season dress attitudes, portrait interpretation of the essence pink wedding dress of beauty, wrapped around the shoulder and hip curve, such as clouds So smooth.

Wedding dress short paragraph toast service

The new version of the combination of lace mesh to the force of the splicing show, to win the princess's favor, carefully designed fashion modeling, coupled with chest lace perspective embellishment more prominent fresh atmosphere, fine texture, lively life to give elegance.

New Slim Fish Tail Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Romantic lace, elegant graceful graceful feelings, exquisite gorgeous lace to stunning posture from the layers, horny in the body, forming their own character charm, blooming refreshing woman fragrance.

2017 spring new bride wedding dress

Slim ratio cut, the proportion of gold design, elegant shoulders, elegant skirt, that is elegant fashion, and noble and beautiful. The body curve waist, the perfect process design, wearing tall and thin, clear lines smooth.