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Flowers season, your wedding selected it?
A woman 's wedding dress

Sexy and elegant of a wedding, looming chest, arouses the reverie of sexy, hollow lace bag shoulder, lining the faint skin color, charming and moving. Slim waist design, better modification of the waist curve, show S graceful figure.

Bold halter, sexy waist, soft embroidery, tail in casual dresses the tail of the tail, outline the bride's sexy curve. Elegant light of the multi-layer net yarn tail, against the background of the bride more tender and beautiful.

Bride married fish tail Slim small tail wedding

A detachable trailing pink wedding dress wedding dress, a word shoulder wave design, breaking the traditional piping collar collar, exquisite disc buckle decoration more beautiful, unique hollow design, dignified classical highlights a few women's soft.

3D stereoscopic cut, hide the golden ratio of fat, improve the waist curve, the visual effect of the repair effect, waist was established, the curve is more slim, goddess Fan full.

Slim was thin waist small tail wedding dress

Dyed embroidery word shoulder design, simple atmosphere, full of beauty; back straps, adjust the size, with the fish bones, so that the body is more upright, slightly fat little fairy can HOLD live.

Fashionable small tail, not heavy but yet light weight, hollow lace flower full of skirts, with Slim version of the type, more elegant and elegant temperament.

The new long trailing tail made wedding dress

purple wedding dress The new long trailer braised custom wedding, hand custom, super gas field of the US yarn, 3D stereoscopic cut, Slim was thin, to meet your princess dream. Romantic white long tail, fine three-dimensional, very significant thin curve, pure hand custom, every wedding is the best.

The new bride shoulders the wedding dress

The new bride word shoulder wedding, selected high-quality fabrics, feel comfortable, breathable, exquisite version of the type, just right to show the female body curve, enjoy the charming curve.

Beautiful word shoulder, painted under the clavicle of a beautiful arc, perspective of the white skin, V-waist design, dresses for women highlight the waistline, for the bride to create a better figure curve.