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Fat woman to wear what dress female stars love to wear this way
Every time to attend a major occasion is the time to wear a dress stunning audience is the desire of all women, a lot of fat women are wearing clothes for how thin and cocktail dresses worry about how to wear their own are obviously fat. In fact, fat MM can dress the United States and the United States da da.

1. Bra cover the most significant waist thin

Bra dress dress is her often selected style, revealing the sexy business line at the same time tighten the waist, do not see any fat.

Black satin bra handle dress to Rose more slender arm exposed, waist black bow knot waist, self-cultivation style completely do not see the lower body of the small thick legs. Tube Top waist dress can be said to be very suitable for fat girls wear style.

white dress This white Tube Top dress dress is too amazing, blonde lips is very sultry. Bra painted style on the fabric of the pleated design and the lower body concise fabric produced a strong contrast, showing the perfect ratio, self-cultivation of the hem will not appear too bloated lower body, very suitable for fat woman choose a dress.

Black bra repair satin dress to Kate said radiant, self-cultivation style to Kate's body appears to be convex and so on. In fact, the more fat the more women do not fit the loose section of the dress, that will give people the feeling of bloated cumbersome, simple Slim can be painted your body to modify the curve of beauty.

2. Slim section of the most obvious curve of the United States

Slim style a lot of more fat girls did not dare to try, but the trumpet can best show your curve out. Knee-length skirt with a pair of high-band with a word can let you instantly increase the effect.

3. Fishtail dress the most sexy

Black and white stitching to form a visual contrast, the golden belt as a convergence can instantly elongate the proportion of the body to transform the big long legs, self-cultivation of the fishtail skirt can be your body to show the concavity of the perfect show, did not see a little fat.

4.V collar machine dress

Deep V collar type can stretch your neck curve, but also to modify your face, is definitely a round face girl's gospel, boldly exposing your career line! Waist hip sail skirt style to the maximum Tighten your fat, it will be very thin Oh!

Long sleeves dress skirt

If the upper body of the older girls can choose long-sleeved style dress, sleeves can perfectly cover your flesh's arm. Lace sleeves are also a good choice, fancy and feminine full.

Put on all the black plus size wedding dress long-sleeved dress skirt, even if nothing is full of gas field full, waist belt is simply the crowning touch, and instantly thin a few centimeters.