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Fat bride how to choose wedding dress
Many people say that a fat destroyed formal dresses all, but bridesmaid dresses the modern life which is more and more fat, but fat also cheap wedding dress have the right to pursue beauty and happiness, but a lot of dresses for women fat girls do not have a lot of confidence for themselves, especially evening dresses for the most beautiful moments of life maxi dresses , Put on the blue wedding dress wedding for their own body and shape is not self-confidence, then do not know Sanya wedding which is good, can not be quickly thin in a short time, then the choice of dress beach wedding dress can have a lot petite dresses of changes, so that dress more suitable for their own The

First: try to choose high waist Korean style

Fat bride for their own body is certainly not very confident, so when the choice of casual dresses wedding as much as possible to cover their plus size dresses own shortcomings, so flower girl dresses when you choose the dress must choose long sleeve short wedding dress wedding dress high waist Korean style, so that can lace wedding dress be very Good to cover all their shortcomings all cover, but also to stretch the whole body lines, in the wedding dress visual senses will be a lot of weight loss.

blue wedding dress Second: the arm at a special treatment of the wedding

If the bride's arm is very sturdy so in the choice of dress when the proposed graduation dresses do not choose sleeveless or sling type, which is best in the arm of a good choice, such as butterfly sleeves or lotus leaf white dress side And so on, this can be a good modification of the arm of the lines, as well as the shoulder fat can get a good cover, shooting effect can be more perfect.

Third: a word collar or deep prom dresses V neck best

In order to make their upper body looks more slender, so choose a wedding do not choose high purple wedding dress collar, because the fat bride upper body more bloated, so that high collar wedding may make the whole person's temperament is not a good show, so the proposed fat The bride in the choice of evening gowns wedding time, choose red dress a word or deep v design, so that the upper body can have a certain slim pink wedding plus size wedding dress dress effect.

Fourth: Do not choose to worry about the class

Fat bride choose the dress to remember not to choose Tube cocktail dresses Top, because it will make their shoulders and upper body is very sturdy, and if the fat bride's breast fat is particularly large, then Tubeie wedding will make their upper body more bloated, shooting Out is also very embarrassing and ugly, and very easy to go light, so it is not suitable for the choice of this type of wedding.