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Exquisite elegance and romantic dream coexistence of wedding dress
The word shoulder tail lace wedding dress

Very obvious body of the princess style, Xiao Bian like its texture, a kind of light feathers feeling full of small fairy temperament, your he will not be stunning to it?

Word in the sleeves lace wedding dress

Chic in the sleeve design, simple Qi Qi, let the wedding you look smart and lovely, fresh and moving, with the word shoulder style, it is beautiful people intoxicated.

High-end Korean large tail lace wedding dress

Different from the conventional white wedding dress, this wedding color is very eye-catching and special, like the flower fairy dress, let the pink wedding dress bride look Jiaoqiao lovely, full of Smart atmosphere.

prom dresses Flower bracelet Korean luxury wedding

Big tail wedding design, so that this wedding presents white dress a light luxury, not too heavy embellishment, but also look low-key, highlight the gentle temperament of the bride. Note: pregnant women can wear yo ~

The word back to the back of the flowers long tail wedding dress

The design of the word shoulder, highlight the petite dresses bride's good body, the beauty of the clavicle, so that you are more moving wedding, skirt on the flowers, it is not a lovely, small series of strong push, upper body effect is great.

Shoulder bride Qi Peng Peng skirt wedding dress

Shoulder style wedding design, no longer worry about other small trouble, Peng Peng skirt with fantasy, full of small princess is both visual sense, cute cute, sweet and fresh, very attractive eye baa ~