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Dress-like style of the dress once again return to the popular stage, there are chic elegance beautiful
Irregular dress skirt

Strapless again to maxi dresses return to the popular stage, and sexy index rising! Recommended this, irregular strapless design, revealing sexy charming clavicle, dress-like style, semi-hidden incense shoulder, especially elegant and beautiful, exquisite wear, charming smile. Even if you are passing, can also become the focus of passers-by. Even if only one side of the edge, will make people never forget. Irregular skirt design, walking, and a little bit more light to send!

Collar dress dress

Elegant, he is natural, there are personality, simple, reconciled intellectual, or well-off, absolutely not just outside, beautiful, but a heart of wisdom! 1. collar sexy strapless version of the type, fashion generous highlights the lines of beauty, only for the pursuit of exquisite life you 2. elegant back bead button design, party presided over the appointment can be 3. leg split design simple and elegant show Female taste and temperament

Pack hip lace evening dress skirt

This is a lace evening dress had to say, really beautiful over, from the first glance on a look, look back at the tempted. Version type is very good, do not pick the body, do not pick color, do not pick height. Applicable to a variety of occasions, the real sense of the wild warfare, lace hollow sleeper waist type, effective self-cultivation female mysterious temperament 2. hollow lace back zipper design, in a clear and tight lines glow Sultry 3. Leg lace design simple and elegant, to show women's taste and temperament.

Net yarn dove dress

In the final version of the model we use the design of the dovetail from the waist line down, the whole piece of clothing immediately become Smart up, upper body with a golden point, more self-cultivation was thin stereoscopic. Under the skirt we use the popular A-pendulum design, can be a good cover of the hip and hip. 1. One word short-sleeved waist type, not only was thin but also temperament, can effectively cultivate 2. elegant strapless design, exposing a large incense shoulder, blue wedding dress people look at the reverie infinite 3. Youwei design simple and elegant, Showing the taste and temperament of women.

Lace harness dress

With a lace lace stitched into a small V-neck, even more slender neck, with a beautiful necklace, so you can not think of the United States; sleeveless design so that the whole lotus arm outside shaking, a sexy charm exudes, 1. Harnessed hollow sleeper waist type, effective self-cultivation and show the lovely nature of the little woman 2. elegant harness lace design white skin exposed to the air, is undoubtedly the most eye-catching place where the hem with hollow design, a pair of thighs Vaguely between the shaking, sexy naturally.

White lace package hip short skirt

casual dresses Highlight the body of the waist design, so that your good body to enjoy blooming, cleverly sketched sexy charming lines, will be able to fully demonstrated the noble temperament. 1. classic round neck design, only collar on the use of hollow, so that the original flat roundless collar reveal a sexy charm 2. back with large tracts of lace total, the back of the line modification of the vivid, blooming dazzling Of the light 3. Stereo waist cut design, interpretation of a kind of intellectual elegant subtle sexy.

Black lace stitching a word skirt

A word shoulder lace dress, as you shoot the shape of the wild artifact! Perhaps because every woman is an angel last life, so the lace element really no resistance. Like a woman's heart as gentle and quiet, upper body to bring a thick dream atmosphere, gentle and retro, the overall clean and soft colors, simple and neat version of the type, comfortable and really wear, upper body is also particularly thin, not pick figure! 2. temperament of a word, graceful modesty, fit the arc, the United States and the neck of the slender and slender, temperament is not consciously followed by the upgrade.