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Dinner must temperament dress skirt, create eye-catching elegant ladies Fan
Noble short dress

Skirt with a high quality silk satin fabric, soft texture and skin-friendly, with a unique Irregular Shoulder design, microstrip sexy and not too exposed, wearing a fine upper body curve of the United States, noble and elegant.

Using a personal fine tailoring, with high waist skirt design for the clothes to add a sense of three-dimensional, formal yet yet pretty sense.

Short singer dress skirt

The use of the former short after the long tail fish skirt and net yarn layer of the skirt design, adding a sense of fluffy skirt, quite cocktail dresses princess Fan, with Slim version of the type and back strap design, adjustable size also Very beautiful. Skirt elegant yarn round neck, highlights the female neck curve, showing a hazy beauty, coupled with a pair of thin high heels, feminine full.

Champagne dress

wedding dress A can be a bride's dress dress dress, body breathable lace with three-dimensional flowers embellishment, upper body cents full of temperament foot. With a Slim version of the design, will not pick the body is also very significant was thin.

Girl heart is always unable to withstand the temptation of lace, and then with the soft champagne, romantic and very unique, everyday wear is also possible.

Black word dress

Skirt with a removable mesh design, with exquisite embroidery around, and black lace plus size wedding dress with more attractive, and the body with a sewing embroidery, adding clothes texture, more elegant and elegant. Classic short before the long skirt, and lace embroidery with, highlight the skirt of their own noble sense, the other waist design, upper body was thinner.

Princess princess dress

A sleeveless lace pompon skirt, the use of a personality semi-transparent lace collar design, low-key show sexy clavicle beauty, with a personal tailoring design, highlighting the female body curve, filling the romantic posture. Skirt selection of high-quality lace fabric, wrinkle-free and drape good, with a large irregular skirt, upper goddess Fan full.

Short lace evening dress

Dress with a fine three-dimensional cut, with the perspective of the sleeveless design, self-cultivation is very thin, with the body of the lace flowers embellishment, dressed and elegant dignified, for participation in important occasions generous and very nice. Waist and skirt with a perspective lace stitching of the design, to add a texture, with a short skirt version of the type, elegant yet lovely cute.