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Dedicated to the eight constellations of the wedding, so beautiful!
Bra short paragraph tail dress wedding dress

Aries girls are mostly lovely girls, and charismatic, for them at the same time lovely to leave a short paragraph wedding and then appropriate.

beach wedding dress Wedding dress palace retro

For Taurus marriage is sacred, the wedding is holy, the court retro wedding, although low-key but luxurious, everywhere highlight the taste, like Taurus

Lace whisk short before the long princess wedding mont blanc dress

Before and after the long wedding is absolutely like to be different from the Gemini tailored, before and after not the same symbol of Gemini on both sides, they can be lively can also be serious, can playful can also be serious, is a Variety bride.

White wedding dress A word skirt

Cancer is also conservative, compared to Taurus they are more shy, high waist A word skirt can be a good solution to the trouble of Cancer, in the case of nothing to show montblanc timewalker the perfect show a good body

Tail wedding dress

Leo in their own wedding is sure to wear into the queen, long after the wedding, a few tens of meters, the Leo like the queen of the same queen, feel the focus of the audience

Wedding dress Slim simple Princess woman

Virgo, although conservative, but the traditional retro wedding is not suitable for them, Jane style close to the modern tailoring, so Virgo at the wedding of the United States into a fairy

Shoulder beads to wear a wedding dress

If the twelve constellations who are the most temperament, then must be non-Libra must go, shoulder fashion design inspiration source Athens ancient Greece, sexy and noble to wear it, Libra like the elegant Athena goddess.

Halo tail tail bride wedding dress

Scorpio is a good figure is recognized, if there is anything in the wedding for the Scorpio add luster, then, non-halter tail wedding is none other, the appearance must be stunning four, Scorpio like a mermaid as sexy.